Bastard halibut

It is often referred to as the Japanese flatfish or Korea flatfish when mentioned in the context of those countries.

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The Bastard halibut lives in the demersal, oceanodromous, marine, depth range 10 - 200 m environment.

Bastard halibut IGH V-REGION * IGHV1S1 * IGHV1S2 * IGHV1S3 Bastard halibut IGH C-REGION CH1 * IGHM (AB052744) More

It is said that one with eyes on the left is bastard halibut and on the right is right-eyed flounder, but maybe there are very few people who can distinguish between small bastard halibut and marbled flounder. Halibut has a wider mouth than flounder and has a thicker body. More

known as bastard halibut, olive flounder, or false halibut, found between Japan and the South China Sea and also farmed. No one could be reached to comment at the Takumi on Wednesday. More

Common names

Aziatskiy paralikht in Russian (русский язык)
bastard halibut in English
Cá Bon v?n rang thua in Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)
Cá Bơn vằn răng thưa in Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)
Cardeau hirame in French (français)
False halibut in English
Falso halibut del Japón in Spanish (español)
Falso-alabote-japonês in Portuguese (Português)
Falso-alabote-japonÍs in Portuguese (Português)
Hè yà pìng in Mandarin Chinese
hirame in English
hirame in German (Deutsch)
hirame in Japanese (日本語)
Japanese flounder in English
Nop-ch'i in Korean (한국어)
olive flounder in English
olive flounder, false halibut, Japanese flounder, bastard halibut (German: Japanische Flunder) in English
Olivengrøn hvarre in Danish (dansk)
Paralichthys olivaceus in French (français)
Pian kou in Mandarin Chinese
Yá píng in Mandarin Chinese
Zomervogel in Dutch (Nederlands)
палтус ложный in Russian (русский язык)
ヒラメ in Japanese (日本語)
扁魚 in Mandarin Chinese
扁鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
牙鮃 in Mandarin Chinese
牙鲆 in Mandarin Chinese
皇帝魚 in Mandarin Chinese
皇帝鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
넙치 in Korean (한국어)

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Order : Pleuronectiformes
Family : Paralichthyidae
Genus : Paralichthys
Species : Paralichthys olivaceus
Authority : Temminck and Schlegel,1846