Manyscaled flounder

The Manyscaled flounder lives in the demersal, marine, depth range 59 - 64 m environment.

* Manyscaled flounder, Parabothus polylepis (Alcock, 1889). * Parabothus taiwanensis Amaoka & Shen, 1993. * Genus Perissias * Striped-fin flounder, Perissias taeniopterus (Gilbert, 1890). More

* Manyscaled flounder, Parabothus polylepis (AlcockAlfred William Alcock Alfred William Alcock was a United Kingdom physician natural history and carcinologist. More

Common names

Manyscaled flounder in English
多鱗擬鮃 in Mandarin Chinese
多鳞拟鲆 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Pleuronectiformes
Family : Bothidae
Genus : Parabothus
Species : Parabothus polylepis
Authority : Alcock, 1889