Southern cavefish

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The Southern cavefish lives in the demersal, freshwater environment.

Southern cavefish washed out of Maramec Spring in 1984 Photo from collection of Don Rimbach The Southern Cavefish Typhlichthys subterraneus is the second of Missouri's cavefishes. More

Common Name: Southern cavefish (E), vernacular and American Fisheries Society. Etymology: typhlops (Gr) blind; ichthys for iktus (Gr) fish; subterraneus (L) underground. Major synonyms: T. osborni (Eigenmann, 1905), Typhlichthys wyandotte (Eigenmann, 1905), T. eigenmanni (Hubbs, 1938). More

southern cavefish lives in caves and subterranean waters of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee. More

The southern cavefish (Typhlichthys subterraneus) is one of the two species of blind cave fishes found in Arkansas. The other is the Ozark cavefish. More

Southern cavefish (Typhlichthys subterraneus) in its native habitat.Courtesy of the U.S. More

While the southern cavefish prefers to live in deep water tables, greater than 600 feet in depth, the Ozark cavefish is usually found in small cave streams near larger permanent streams. There is usually very little food available in temperate caves. More

poulsoni, the southern cavefish has an elaborate system of sensory papillae along the head and sides and also in two rows down the caudal fin. More

The Southern cavefish, Typhlichthys subterraneus, is a small troglobite of the family Amblyopsidae and is currently listed as in need of management by the State of Tennessee. More

Common names

southern cavefish in English
Südlicher Höhlenfisch in German (Deutsch)
Typhlichthys subterraneus in French (français)
слепоглазка южная in Russian (русский язык)
南方盲鮰鱸 in Mandarin Chinese
南方盲鮰鲈 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Percopsiformes
Family : Amblyopsidae
Genus : Typhlichthys
Species : Typhlichthys subterraneus
Authority : Girard, 1859