Genus Forsterygion


Yellow-and-black triplefin - Its non-breeding colouration is a pale pinkish head with a yellowish body and tail, with a black mask across the eyes which continues in a stripe down the centre of the body gradually changing to a darker yellow.


Common triplefin - The common triplefin, Forsterygion lapillum, is a fish of the genus Forsterygion, found around the coast of New Zealand down to depths of about 15 m.


Redbanded perch - The variable triplefin or striped triplefin, Forsterygion varium, is a triplefin of the genus Forsterygion, found in Australia including Tasmania and all around New Zealand in rock pools and depths down to 30 metres, in reef areas of broken rock with kelp.

Order : Perciformes
Family : Tripterygiidae
Genus : Forsterygion