White steenbras

The white steenbras (Lithognathus lithognathus) is a species of fish in the Sparidae family. It is endemic to South Africa. Source - * Skelton, P. 1996. Lithognathus lithognathus. More

The White Steenbras is also known as the Pignose Grunter and it is a large, strong fighting and good eating South African saltwater fish. The minimum legal size to keep this fish is 65 centimeters and can reach a formidable size of about 100 centimeters. More

Often shimmering with a mother-of-pearl sheen, the white steenbras is a silvery-grey fish, with a whiter underside. Seven dark vertical bars pattern each side of the rather elongated body, which are often darker in younger, smaller white steenbras ... More

molluscs, the white steenbras blows a strong jet of water into the burrow in which the animal lives. This jet stream, created by the pumping action of the powerful gill covers forcing water through the narrow mouth, effectively blows the prey from its shelter (3). More

Spotted grunter and white steenbras occur in good numbers. One can often see their tails extending above the water surface when they blow prawns out from the lagoon bed. More

As spring warms the southern seas in August, white steenbras begin to spawn along the coasts of South Africa. They're beautiful fish, silvery white with large eyes; prominent red lips; rakish, swept-back fins; and fetching flecks of gold on their upper scales. More

* White steenbras – 2 per person per day. Bag Limits Introduced – The following species are no longer unlimited. Have now had bag limits imposed: * Mullet – 50 per person per day. More

Cob, Cape Salmon, White Steenbras or Yellowtail may also be found feeding on the smaller fish. More

The white steenbras (Lithognathus lithognathus), one of South Africa More

I extracted the white steenbras – I was very surprised as these fish seldom enter caves. Mark was equally surprised at this success. More

He blames the MCM itself for the collapse of white steenbras of which "hundreds are caught illegally with nets in False Bay and sold in direct contravention of the laws" and adds "the biggest laugh was that galjoen are described as collapsed". More

Order : Perciformes
Family : Sparidae
Genus : Lithognathus
Species : Lithognathus lithognathus
Authority : Cuvier, 1829