Swordtail jawfish

Swordtail jawfish never build a burrow on sand, but use a hole in the solid reef structure and pull sand and rubble to the hole as the tunnel. More

Common names

bocón rayado in Spanish (español)
guardian lanceolado in Spanish (español)
Spidshalet kæbefisk in Danish (dansk)
swordtail jawfish in English
小頜劍尾後頜鰧 in Mandarin Chinese
小颌剑尾后颌鰧 in Mandarin Chinese
柯氏剑尾后颌鰧 in Mandarin Chinese
柯氏劍尾後頜鰧 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Opistognathidae
Genus : Lonchopisthus
Species : Lonchopisthus lindneri
Authority : Poey, 1860