Sunset butterflyfish

Family: ChaetodontidaePicture of a Sunset Butterflyfish or Dot-and-Dash Butterflyfish, Chaetodon pelewensis * Puzzles * Postcards Chaetodon pelewensisPhoto More

sunset butterflyfish (Chaetodon pelewensis) eastern triangular butterflyfish (Chaetodon baronessa) Here's another photo which isn't too good. More

Sunset butterflyfish (Chaetodon pelewensis) Species datasheet Camera : Subal-F90X Lens : Nikon AF 60 mm Macro Strobe : SB 105 Film : More

The Dot and Dash Butterfly, also known as the Sunset Butterflyfish, is orange in color with slanted beaded stripes. It closely resembles the Punctato Butterfly, but the Punctato has straight vertical stripes. More

Common names

Alibang-bang in Davawenyo
Alibang-bang in Visayan
Alibangbang in Cebuano
Alibangbang in Kagayanen
Alibangbang in Waray-waray
daliga ragutu in Fijian (vosa Vakaviti)
Dot and dash butterflyfish in English
Dot-and-dash butterflyfish in English
Dot-and-dash coralfish in English
dot-dash butterflyfish in Unknown
Kapiged in Ilokano
Kepe fantasi in Malay (bahasa Melayu)
Ligeriger in Carolinian
Morsefanefisk in Danish (dansk)
Papillon à bandes ponctuées in French (français)
Paraharaha in Tahitian (Reo Mā`ohi)
Paru-paro in Tagalog
Paru-parung dagat in Tagalog
Pletbåndet fanefisk in Danish (dansk)
Sevenband butterflyfish in English
Shichisen-chôchô-uo in Japanese (日本語)
Spot band butterflyfish in English
Spot banded butterflyfish in English
Spot-banded butterflyfish in English
Spotband butterflyfish in English
Spotbanded butterflyfish in English
Spots-and-bands coralfish in English
Spotted belly butterflyfish in English
Sunset butterflyfish in English
Tifitifi-tusiloloa in Samoan (gagana fa'a Samoa)
Tikorekore in Other
夕阳蝴蝶鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
夕陽蝴蝶魚 in Mandarin Chinese
斑带蝴蝶鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
斑帶蝴蝶魚 in Mandarin Chinese
点斑横带蝴蝶鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
繁紋蝶 in Mandarin Chinese
繁纹蝶 in Mandarin Chinese
虎皮蝶 in Mandarin Chinese
點斑橫帶蝴蝶魚 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Chaetodontidae
Genus : Chaetodon
Species : Chaetodon punctatofasciatus
Authority : Kner, 1868