Shortnose batfish

A shortnose batfish found under the boat on a "sand" dive in lousy conditions. A most unusual fish. They "walk" on modified fins. One of the several very cooperative Hawksbill turtles seen on this trip. Queen angelfish. More

Finding the bizarre shortnose batfish is a highlight for divers and its awkwardness, clumsiness and weird beauty make it a desirable subject for photographers. But there is still much to learn about Ogcocephalus, including its mating habits- which remain a complete mystery. More

Batfish like this Shortnose Batfish is related to anglerfish and like the anglers it uses a fleshy appendage on its head to lure in victims. It preys on bottom-dwelling invertebrates. It lives on the bottom, covered in sand. More

Shortnose Batfish description courtesy of Paul Humann from the "Reef Fish Identification" book. Order your own copy at under the Products section. Batfish, Front View.... More

Shortnose Batfish Pumpkin Hill Beach Pumpkin Hill Beach La Champa Bar La Champa Bar Sailboat to Cayos Cochinos Sailboat to Cayos Cochinos Copyright © 2008 Designed by Kjerstan Webmaster: ecomarinewebmaster@gmail. More

This picture of a Shortnose Batfish was taken while diving with Jupiter Dive Center on 11/17/06. More

The Shortnose Batfish has no scales on its body. In most instances it will match the coloration of its environment. On this particular encounter its orange coloration stood out. As it rose from the bottom and began to swim its body color would turn white. More

Order : Lophiiformes
Family : Ogcocephalidae
Genus : Ogcocephalus
Species : Ogcocephalus nasutus
Authority : Cuvier, 1829