Murray's abyssal anglerfish

Murray's Abyssal Anglerfish is a soft-bodied fish that lacks scales and pelvic fins. It has a large head and mouth, with long pointed teeth. There is a short illicium with a bulbous esca on the snout. Live fish are black. More

Murray's Abyssal Anglerfish is a bathypelagic species that occurs worldwide in deep tropical and temperate waters. In Australia this species has been collected from scattered localities off north-western Western Australia, but is almost certainly more widespread. More

Common names

Black deep-sea angler in English
Deepsea blackdevil in English
Murray's abyssal anglerfish in English
Murrays klumpangler in Danish (dansk)
短柄黑犀魚 in Mandarin Chinese
短柄黑犀鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Lophiiformes
Family : Melanocetidae
Genus : Melanocetus
Species : Melanocetus niger
Authority : G