Lophiocharon hutchinsi

The Lophiocharon hutchinsi lives in the benthopelagic, marine, depth range 2 - 9 m environment.

Lophiocharon hutchinsi (Hutchins' Anglerfish) is a new species of frogfishes that was just recently (2004) identified on the base of 9 specimens. This species is similar to Lophiocharon trisignatus but has a much shorter lure. More

Lophiocharon hutchinsi was found at: Map of Dampier Archipelago Station DA2/99/68 View larger distribution map Distribution by Station: * DA2/99/68 — S of Bluff Point, Enderby Island Documents More

Lophiocharon hutchinsi Lophiocharon lithinostomus Lophiocharon trisignatus LUTJANIDAE Deutsch Lutjanus bengalensis More

Common names

Hutchins' anglerfish in English

Order : Lophiiformes
Family : Antennariidae
Genus : Lophiocharon
Species : Lophiocharon hutchinsi
Authority : Pietsch, 2004