Histiophryne psychedelica

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Original source: Email from David Hall Author David Hall / seaphotos.com Permission (Reusing this file)
Author: David Hall / seaphotos.com Permission (Reusing this file)

Histiophryne psychedelica, a new species of fish named for its crazy brown and peach stripes, and its strange hopping motion through the water. More

The psychedelic frogfish, Histiophryne psychedelica, is a yellow-brown or peach colored frogfish named for its psychedelic pink and white stripes arranged in a fingerprint pattern. The fish is from the waters near Ambon Island and Bali, Indonesia. More

Histiophryne psychedelica atau Ikan kodok Maluku adalah sejenis ikan kodok yang ditemukan di terumbu karang perairan sekitar Pulau Ambon, Indonesia. Ikan ini baru ditemukan dan deskripsi pertamanya dipublikasi 2009. H. More

Histiophryne psychedelica by a University of Washington professor, and it lives up to its name. More

to its tail, the newly named Histiophryne psychedelica was initially discovered by scuba diving instructors working for a tour operator a year ago in shallow waters off Indonesia. More

Histiophryne psychedelica locomotion EditorSubmitted By: Editor on 2009-03-01 About the video: H. More

Histiophryne psychedelica, also known as the Psychedelic frogfish, was scientifically described by Ted Pietsch and Rachel Arnold of the University of Washington, together with wildlife photographer David Hall. More

Histiophryne psychedelica (Ambon Frogfish, Moluccan Frogfish, Psychedelic Frogfish - Ambon Anglerfisch, Molukken Anglerfisch, Psychedelischer Anglerfisch) Histiophryne sp (?)- Frogfish - Ambon - Anglerfisch Information 6-9cm More

Histiophryne psychedelica (Psychedelic Frogfish) was discovered 2008 in Ambon, Indonesia. This frogfish species has just now (2009) been examined and determined scientifically. The identification is based on 3 specimens collected from Ambon (caught life) and Bali (from a aquarium shipment). More

A face-on view of Histiophryne psychedelica, a new species of frogfish, photographed at Ambon Island, Indonesia by David Hall. Credit: ©David Hall/seaphotos. More

Check out Histiophryne psychedelica, a new species named for its crazy tan and peach stripes, and lackadaisical style of getting around the seafloor, which resembles hopping more than swimming. The fish is described in this month's issue of the journal Copeia. More

"Psychedelica," or Histiophryne psychedelica, a new species of anglerfish UW professor names new fish species Student News Net Print E-Mail March 2, 2009 - A new species of anglerfish with unusual vision has been named by Ted Pietsch, University More

Members of Histiophryne psychedelica don’t so much swim as hop. Each time they strike the seafloor they use their fins to push off and they expel water from tiny gill openings on their sides to jettison themselves forward. More

Histiophryne psychedelica does not have any lures on its forehead to tempt its prey with. More

Order : Lophiiformes
Family : Antennariidae
Genus : Histiophryne
Species : Histiophryne psychedelica
Authority : Pietsch, Arnold & Hall,2009