Argentine hake

A relative of the cod, Argentine hake lives in the southwestern Atlantic waters, in shallow water along the continental shelf. This silvery-golden fish can reach nearly 3 feet (0.9 meter) in length. More

imports of Argentine hake fillets have fallen from 7,000 metric tons a year to less than 2,000 metric tons a year. In contrast, the largest hake fishery in the world remains in relatively good shape. More

* argentine hake - north of 41ºs * argentine hake - south of 41ºs * arrow-tooth flounder - gulf of alaska (us) * atlantic cod - baltic sea eastern stock * atlantic More

The Argentine hake fishery has been through the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) pre-assessment process and the industry sector is currently discussing plans to improve the fishery such as reproductive biomass being under the limit level, lack of enforcement, and the need to monitor More

Argentine hake is an important constituent of the coastal fisheries of Argentina and Uruguay. Foreign vessels have recently started to catch this hake in considerable quantities. More

Argentine hake is one of the common fish but of the Argentine gastronomy and has been object of an intense commercial fishing that has depressed the resource. More

Description: Argentine Hake ,Latin Name: Merluccius Hubssi:Presentation:HGT, ( Headless,gutted and tail off ) Origin:Catched in argentine waters, frozen at board Sizes, Quantities and prices FOB Montevideo, Uruguay (Mix containers) 300/450 grs, 6000 kilos,u$s 1400MT, 450/700 grs, 52000 Kg ,u$s 1520 MT 650/900 More

Argentine hake layerpacks and shatterpacks were tagged in the mid-$1 range for 2-4s, 4-6s and 6-8s, while boneless, deep-skinned Cape layerpacks and shatterpacks were in the mid-$2 range for 2-4s and in the low-$3 range for 4-6s, 6-8s and 8-10s. More

The Argentine Hake, an abundant species is fishing, has registered excellent, continuous unloads since 1995, catches of around 6.7 and 8.7 thousand tons. More

The Argentine hake sustains one of the most important fisheries in the River Plate area and over most of the Patagonian shelf. More

Order : Gadiformes
Family : Merlucciidae
Genus : Merluccius
Species : Merluccius hubbsi
Authority : Marini, 1933