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In "Freaks & Greeks", Ling-Ling's father states that Ling-Ling's full name is Ling-Ling Hitler Bin Laden Seacrest. However, according to Executive Producer Bill Freiberger, this is just a gag and not canon. More

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Dictionary: ling1 (lĭng) pronunciation Home > Library > Literature & Language > Dictionary n., pl., ling, or lings. Any of various marine food fishes related to or resembling the cod, especially Molva molva of northern European waters. More

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Ling Kai's songwriting ability is one that encompasses the melodious defiance and youthfulness of our generation. More

Terton Chenpo Ogyen Lingpa (A Discoverer of treasure) A great Discoverer of treasure prophesied by none other than the Great Guru Padmasambhava (Founder of Nyingpa tradition and was mainly responsible for the spreading of Buddhism in Tibet, otherwise hindered by evil forces). More

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many of the biggest Halibut and Ling Cod in the world, plus many species of Rockfish. More

Ling is in his third season as Music Director of the San Diego Symphony. More

Ratna Ling (pronounced Raht-na Ling) is translated from Tibetan as "Jewel Crest". Ratna Ling is a non-profit retreat center with an emphasis on exploration and education. Our programs draw on knowledge and wisdom of ancient Tibetan Buddhist teachings. More

southern France, Lerab Ling is Rigpa's international retreat centre and home to the Rigpa Shedra West, and includes the newly constructed temple Palri Pema Ösel Dargyé Ling, also known as The Institute of Wisdom and Compassion. More

ling or lings Any of various marine food fishes related to or resembling the cod, especially Molva molva of northern European waters. - - ling 2 (lng)n. See heather. More

the resident lama of T'hondup Ling, a center for teaching and practice of Vajrayana Buddhism in the Tibetan Nyingma tradition. The center is located in Los Angeles in Los Feliz. More

Ling-Ling, the female half of the National Zoo's fuzzy and beloved pair of rare giant pandas, died suddenly yesterday of unknown causes. She was 23, the oldest of her kind living in captivity outside China. More

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Order : Gadiformes
Family : Lotidae
Genus : Molva
Species : Molva dypterygia
Authority : Pennant, 1784