Genus Fundulus


Bermuda killifish - It can grow up to 12.


Stippled studfish - The Stippled studfish is a small freshwater fish which is endemic to the Tallapoosa River system in Georgia and Alabama, USA; and Sofkahatchee Creek in Alabama.


Golden topminnow - The golden topminnow, Fundulus chrysotus, is a fish of the genus Fundulus native to southern North America.


Banded killifish - The banded killifish reaches a maximum length of 10-13 cm.


Mummichog - Mummichogs are typically found in muddy marshes, channels, and grass flats along coastal areas.


Saltmarsh topminnow - Saltmarsh topiminnows have little color in life; there is cross-hatching on the back and sides that may be gray-green or fainter and 12 to 30 dark round spots are often arranged in rows along the midside of the body from above the pectoral fin to the base of the caudal fin.


Lined topminnow - The lined topminnow, Fundulus lineolatus, is a small fish in the genus Fundulus which is found in swamps and backwaters from southern Virginia to Lake Okeechobee.


Killifish - It exhibits sexual dimorphism, with the males having vertical black stripes and the mature females having horizontal black stripes along the sides of their silver-colored bodies.


Blackstripe topminnow - The blackstripe topminnow is found in Canada along a 60 kilometre stretch of Ontario’s Sydenham River.


California killifish - Like the other members of the family, California killifish are small, no more than about 11 cm in length.

Order : Cyprinodontiformes
Family : Fundulidae
Genus : Fundulus