Issyk-kul marinka

This species has a subspecies Schizothorax pseudoaksaiensis pseudoaksaiensis.

The Issyk-kul marinka lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

species as the Issyk-kul marinka (Schizothorax pseudoaksaiensis issykkuli), the Issyk-kul chebachok (Leuciscus bergi), and the endangered naked osman (Gymnodiptchus dybowskii). Among the species of commercial fish are common carp and whitefish, the latter introduced into the lake. More

Issyk-kul marinka (Schizothorax pseudoaksaiensis issykkuli). Near-endemics include Ili marinka (S. issykkuli), Leuciscus bergi, Gobio lepidolaemus nikolskyi, Diptychus maculatus oschanini, Gymnodiptychus dybowskii bergianus, and Triplophysa stoliczkai elegans. Leuciscus bergi is a near-endemic Issyk Kul dace. More

Issyk-Kul Marinka See Schizothorax pseudoaksaiensis issykkuli ... 9 Master Index of Freshwater Fishes (Labiobarbus burmanicus ... Lachsbarbe See Schizothorax intermedius intermedius ... Large-Scale Archerfish See Toxotes oligolepis. Large-Scale Grunter See Leiopotherapon macrolepis ... More

Issyk-Kul Marinka See Schizothorax pseudoaksaiensis issykkuli ... 7 Master Index of Freshwater Fishes (Satocheilichthys czerskii ... Schizothorax pseudoaksaiensis issykkuli (Berg 1907) "Issyk-Kul Marinka" Schizothorax pseudoaksaiensis pseudoaksaiensis (Herzenstein 1888) "Ili Marinka" ... www.webcityof. More

Issyk-Kul Marinka See Schizothorax pseudoaksaiensis issykkuli Issyk-Kul Naked Loach See Triplophysa strauchii ulacholicus Istigobius diadema (Steindachner 1876) Itaituba Bigmouth Pleco See Chaetostoma sp '5' Itaituba Crenicara See Dicrossus sp More

Common names

Issyk-kul marinka in English
Issykul'skaya marinka in Russian (русский язык)
Иссык-Кол сазаны in Kirghiz (кыргыз тили)
Иссык-Кол сазаны in Unknown
Иссык-Кульская Маринка in Russian (русский язык)
伊氏裂腹魚 in Mandarin Chinese
伊氏裂腹魚 in Unknown
伊氏裂腹鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
伊氏裂腹鱼 in Unknown

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Schizothorax
Species : Schizothorax pseudoaksaiensis
Authority : Berg, 1907