* Schizothorax kumaonensis (endemic) Kumaon snowtrout , Kumaon snowtrout * Schizothorax labiatus (native) Kunar snowtrout , Kunar snowtrout * Schizothorax microcephalus (native) * Schizothorax molesworthi (native) * More

A holiday fishing for Snowtrout; a treat for the adventurous angler who enjoys the outdoors as well as challenging sport 10 night/11 day fishing holiday in India Trout: great sport the world over The Kulu Valley is a popular destination for travellers More

Only the Dinnawah Snowtrout is recognised as a fully-fledged carnivore. 7. Both the Dinnawah Snowtrout and the Snow Trout are noted as good for eating. More

Snowtrout Diptychus maculates, which occur in abundant in the Ladakh waters would be useful for fisheries. More

snowtrout, the genus Ptychobarbus and the Ladakh snowtrout (Gymnocypris biswasi) — a monotypic genus now thought to be extinct — are also unique to the Himalaya Hotspot. More

By Snowtrout from Twin Cities, Minnesota "The Danville Pre-Waxed thread is excellent for creating a smooth base, or perfect tapered heads. It works well for creating smooth transitions between different materials without adding unnecessary bulk. More

(Schizothorax) for food and predate on small snowtrout, which could decimate the snowtrout. Due to normal energy losses, conversion of snowtrout into rainbow trout would entail a loss of maybe 90 percent of the fish biomass. 3. More

of snowtrout reproduction but also give a deeper insight into the biology of spermatogenesis oogenesis including atresia and environmental influences on spawning activity. More

seasonal cyclicity of a snowtrout are described in detail along with a strong discussion about origin, structure, chemical composition and function of various gonadal components with other teleosts of diverse habitat. More

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Schizothorax
Species : Schizothorax nepalensis
Authority : Gray, 1832