Sawbwa barb

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The Sawbwa barb lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater, pH range: 7.0 - 8.0, dH range: 9 - 19 environment.

The Asian Rummynose, Rummy Nose Rasbora or Sawbwa Barb was described by Annandale in 1918. They are found in a single lake, Inle lake, and its surrounding swampland in Myanmar/Burma, Asia. They live in large schools among thick vegetation in waters that are clear, peaty, or even foul. More

Sawbwa Barb which is very sensitive to water conditions. Barbs and danios can be combined with any fish that is the same size and temperament without any problems. More

The Sawbwa barb (Sawbwa resplendens) is a species of cyprinid fish, of the monotypic genus Sawbwa. The species is endemic to lake Inle in Myanmar. It grows to a maximum total length of about 35 mm. More

Common names

Glühköpfchen in German (Deutsch)
Nacktlaube in German (Deutsch)
Nahkabarbi in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Razbora lysá in Czech (česky)
Samwba lysá in Czech (česky)
Sawbwa barb in English

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Sawbwa
Species : Sawbwa resplendens
Authority : Annandale, 1918