The Black Sea Roach is a species of ray-finned fish in the Cyprinidae family.

Kutum is located in Sudan Kutum Location in Sudan Coordinates: 14°12′20″N 24°39′0″E / 14.20556°N 24.65°E / 14.20556; 24.65 Country Flag of Sudan. More

* Distribution: Kutum is endemic to the Caspian Sea. It is distributed from the mouth of the Volga River up to the Miankaleh peninsula. More

west Sudan town of Kutum, which has been taking in one to four victims of gang rape a week since July. More

Rutilus frisii kutum Kamenskii, 1901 is the generally accepted Caspian Sea basin subspecies although J. Holčík (pers. comm., 1994) considers that this is not a good taxon (see also Holčík and Jedlička, 1994). It was originally described as Leuciscus Frisii var. More

Kutum has ecological forms, which differ with morphological (specifically, plastic) features (Kuliev, 1997). More

frisii kutum), common carp, and Chinese carps. On 10 October he visited the Fish Propagation Centre and had discussions with the technicians there. He met Mr M.A. More

Embed this Topic Kutum is a town in the Sudanese state of North Darfur. It lies 120 kilometers (74 miles) northwest of the state capital, Al-Fashir. The town is located along a wadi and therefore also known as Wadi Kutum. More

Kutum, Sudan - Khadija Adam is not sure how old she is, but the hospital nurse guesses between nine and 11. Khadija does know she was gang raped by Arab militiamen. More

village of el-Goba, about 16km east of Kutum town on Friday. Continues Below ↓ In a separate statement sent to Reuters on Sunday, Darfur rebel official Esam el-Din Hajj said the insurgents had shot down two army helicopters during the clashes. More

Kutum lies on one of the traditional north-south migration routes used by Darfuri pastoralists. The town hosts a local market which operates on Mondays and Thursdays. More

KUTUM & ASSOCIATES, CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT is a public accounting firm built on a foundation of knowledge and experience. More

responsible for implementing the program in Kutum, and ensuring that the goals and objectives of the program are met. More

office based in Kutum, though GOAL is currently considering expanding its programme operations in El Fasher. In addition there is a limited presence in Dar es Salam camp on the outskirts of Khartoum. More

KUTUM, Sudan, June 3 (Reuters) - The United States called on Friday for more African Union police in camps housing 2 million displaced people in Darfur, saying it would help stop attacks on civilians in the Sudanese region. US Deputy Secretary of State, Robert Zoellick. More

up near the northern Darfur town of Kutum, met Chadian rebels who sought refuge there, and witnessed the spillover of violence from Chad long before the Darfur War erupted and changed my community forever. More

has been forced to evacuate staff from the town of Kutum in northern Darfur due to insecurity. The ICRC says it has withdrawn staff from the volatile town of Kutum in northern Darfur, following a bold early Friday attack by unknown gunmen on the staff residence. More

The Kutum basaltic volcanic field in the northern Dafur area of western Sudan, is located SW of the larger Meidob volcanic field. More

Kutum Volcano is located in northern Dafur province, Sudan. The volcano contains cones, lava flows, and explosion craters. Kutum Volcano Eruptions No recent eruptions. * Volcanoes of Sudan. More

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Rutilus
Species : Rutilus frisii
Authority : Nordmann, 1840