The fish reaches a size of up to 10 centimetres .

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Bitterlings usually reside in areas with dense plant growth. They are a hardy fish, and can survive in water that is not very well oxygenated. They grow to be 3-4 in. long at most. More

The bitterling, Rhodeus sericeus, or Amur bitterling is a small fish of the carp family. Mussels form an essential part of its reproductive system, with bitterling eggs being laid inside them. More

Bitterlings are short-lived species, generally surviving only about 5 years. Their maximum size is 11cm, but they are usually much shorter. Bitterlings inhabit slow-flowing or still waters, such as ponds, lakes, marshes, muddy and sandy pools, and river backwaters. More

The Rosy bitterling (Rhodeus ocellatus) is a small fresh-water fish belonging to the family Cyprinidae (carp) and genus Rhodeus. Females are approximately 40-50mm long and males range from 50-80mm. Their bodies are flat with an argent-colored luster. More

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The reported recent decline in population of bitterling in the Bronx River apparently has resulted from a declining freshwater mussel population brought about by water pollution (R. Schmidt to Courtenay, personal communication). More

* Description: The bitterling is a small fish, growing to around 70 mm in length. Adults are fairly deep-bodied, with a similar body shape to goldfish. More

Sorry, No Picture! The bitterling is a small, beautiful fish. Reaching lengths of 8 cm it is normally grey-green in colour with silver underside. The bitterling turns every colour of the rainbow at spawning. More

The Bitterling's claim to fame is its remarkable method of reproduction by Mike McEwan Bitterlings are small, coldwater Cyprinids that are ideal for the outdoor pond. They have a violet, iridescent sheen to their bodies. More

central and southern Europe, the bitterling is a silvery fish of little economic value, about 5 to 7.5 centimetres (2 to 3 inches) long. It spawns between April and June. More

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Out of the rich cyprinid group of bitterlings you find in aquarium trade mainly the European bitterling, Rhodeus amarus. Besides, in some cases you may come along with the eastasian species R. ocellatus, which often is confused with the native bitterling. More

Rose Bitterling is a small fish of which size is almost the same as a stamp. We call a species which lives only in Japan Japanese Rose Bitterling, and the other species which live in China Tairiku(Continental) Rose Bitterling. More

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Size of the BitterlingThe attractively colored bitterling is a small, rather deep-bodied fish. It lives in densely vegetated areas and can tolerate poorly oxygenated water. It feeds on plants and small invertebrate animals. The breeding habits of the bitterling are most unusual. More

bitterling can be found at Click here to start your free trial! Click here to search for another word in the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. Learn more about "bitterling" and related topics at Britannica. More

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The bitterling – a small, active little fish much sought after for coldwater furnished aquarium. More

A female Japanese bitterling Rhodeus ocellatus kurumeus has just laid eggs in a bivalve Anodonta woodiana, and a male bitterling is releasing sperm. The male chases other males away to prevent their sneak spawning. More

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Rhodeus
Species : Rhodeus amarus
Authority : Bloch, 1782