Flagfin shiner

The Flagfin shiner lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

CHARACTERISTICS: The flagfin shiner has a deep, compressed body tapering to a narrow caudal peduncle. The broad, dark lateral band covers much of the sides. More

* Flagfin Shiner, Pteronotropis signipinnis * Golden Shiner, Notemigonus crysoleucas (a monotypic genus) * Highscale shiners, genus Luxilus * Redside shiners, genus Richardsonius * Satinfin shiners, genus Cyprinella More

The Flagfin Shiner, Notropis signipinnis By Dick Stober reprinted from American Currents, Fall 1973 Note: Species now known as Pteronotropis signipinnis Notropis signipinnis, also called the flagfin shiner, is a beautiful native American fish of our southeastern More

The flagfin shiner is also easily confused with the broadstripe shiner, P. euryzonus, which has a convex margin on the dorsal fin and anterior rays that are equal to or longer than the posterior rays. More

Flagfin shiner; Flagfin mojarra; Royal flagfin; Pacific flagfin mojarra; Spottail shiner; Wedgespot shiner; Yellowfin shiner; Coastal shiner; Sharpnose shiner; Rosyface shiner; Topeka shiner; Sand shiner; Mimic shiner; Phantom shiner; Blackmouth shiner; Blackchin shiner; Blacknose shiner; Sailfin shiner; Ironcolor shiner; Bridle shiner; More

Flagfin Shiner, Pteronotropis signipinnis Escambia Creek, Escambia County, AL, 04/9/05 Home Flagfin Shiner (Pteronotropis signipinnis) Flagfin Shiner, Pteronotropis signipinnis Department of Biology More

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The Flagfin Shiner (Pteronotropis signippinnis) as an Aquarium Species Robert Rice 2213 Prytania Circle Navarre Florida 32566 904-936-0097 email robertrice at juno_com Lying quietly back in the More

the Flagfin Shiner is their very large, triangular dorsal and anal fins. Anterior fin rays are shorter than those in the rear. Dorsal fin rays have a dark band, but other fins are yellow. Decurved lateral line. More

Another species of shiner is the flagfin shiner, Pteronotropis signippinnis. Because they need a constant temperature in the 60's and 70's, they are not suited for ponds where there are winters. They do, however, make great aquarium fish. More

aquaria, and have even spawned one, the Flagfin Shiner, Pteronotropis signipinnis, and it occurred to me that one big comprehensive website dedicated to these nine wonderful species of the genus Pteronotropis was long overdue, especially now that this group is finally starting to get the attention of the More

Flagfin shiner; Longfin mojarra; Periche mojarra; Brazilian mojarra; Jenny mojarra; Mottled mojarra; Bigeye mojarra; Common mojarra; Golden mojarra; Irish mojarra; Silver mojarra; Mexican mojarra; Peruvian mojarra; Caitipa mojarra; Striped mojarra; Deep-bodied mojarra; Dark-spot mojarra; Short fin mojarra; Yellow fin mojarra; More

Flagfin Shiner, Pteronotropis signipinnis Sailfin Shiner, P. hypselopterus Broadstripe Shiner, P. euryzonus Apalachee Shiner, P. grandipinnis Orangetail Shiner, P. merlini Bluenose Shiner, P. More

the colorful flagfin shiner with its red tail stripe and fins was seen swimming upstream once the dam was removed. The flagfin shiner had been both upstream and downstream of the dam but was among those species that don't tolerate living in a lake. More

G4, NOTROPIS SIGNIPINNIS, FLAGFIN SHINER, S3, G5? NOTROPIS WELAKA, BLUENOSE SHINER, S2? G4, ... http://www.natureserve.org/getData/dataSets/animalDataSets/fishus.htm FAMILY: AFCJB59040, CYPRINIFORMES, CYPRINIDAE, PTERONOTROPIS WELAKA, (Evermann and Kendall, 1898), BLUENOSE SHINER, G3G4, AFCJB59050, CYPRINIFORMES, ... http://www.tmm.utexas.edu/tnhc/fish/na/naindex. More

That Flagfin Shiner is beautiful! merrill Post a Response - * Re: the fish I catch-my other hobby More

1 The Flagfin Shiner, Notropis signipinnis, by Dick Stober The Flagfin Shiner, Notropis signipinnis. By Dick Stober ... Notropis signipinnis, also called the flagfin shiner, is a beautiful native ... www.nanfa. More

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Notropis
Species : Pteronotropis signipinnis
Authority : Bailey and Suttkus, 1952