Southern redbelly dace

The extremely similar Northern redbelly dace can be distinguished by a rounder, blunter head and a more upturned mouth, as well as by differences in spawning behavior.

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The Southern redbelly dace lives in the demersal, freshwater environment.

The Southern redbelly dace (Phoxinus erythrogaster), is a North American species of temperate freshwater fish belonging to the Phoxinus genus of the cyprinidae family. The natural geographic range extends from Western New York to Minnesota, and south to Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Alabama. More

The southern redbelly dace is one of Ohio's most colorful minnow species. They are also an indicator of healthy small headwater streams because they are very sensitive to alterations in the habitat of such streams. More

The last Southern redbelly dace pulled from my 153 gallon pond during cleaning on 4/2/03. He was returned to the pond after the photo. I have recently obtained some Southern redbelly dace and so there is little information on this site. More

CHARACTERISTICS: The southern redbelly dace is one of Alabama's most beautiful minnows. The body is covered with tiny scales that number 70 to 95 in the lateral series and are so small as to be almost invisible to the unaided eye. More

OVERVIEW: The southern redbelly dace has a reported maximum age of 3 years and a maximum length of 9.1 cm ( It has a cream colored lateral band that is layered between dark bands. More

This slide of a Southern redbelly dace Phoxinus erythrogaster was taken during on a sunny afternoon in April. The water temperature of the Wabaunsee Co. KS stream was 64 degrees F. More

Southern Redbelly Dace occur in small flowing streams, often in wooded areas where submerged aquatic vegetation is sparse. Riffle spawning is frequent in such habitats. More

Southern redbelly dace; Mountain redbelly dace; Northern redbelly dace; Redbelly snake; Redbelly tilapia; Redbellied batfish; Finescale dace; Blackside dace; Blacknose dace; Speckled dace; Longfin dace; Longnose dace; Loach dace; Redside dace; Rosyside dace; Pearl dace; Redbelly yellowtail fusilier; Redbelly water snake; Northern More

southern redbelly dace, found in clear creeks from Alabama to Pennsylvania and... Citations - MLA Style: "southern redbelly dace." Encyclopædia Britannica. 2009. Encyclopædia Britannica Online. 15 Oct. 2009 . More

The Southern Redbelly Dace is extremely hardy, taking a variety of Aquarium conditions in stride . More

southern redbelly dace is classified as Phoxinus erythrogaster, the striped or... Fish, types of fish: Dace Dace, common name for any of several small silvery fishes of the minnow family. More

Common names

Jelec červenobřichý in Czech (česky)
Kultajuovamutu in Finnish (suomen kieli)
southern redbelly dace in English
Střevle červenobřichá in Czech (česky)
Torpedofisk in Danish (dansk)
紅腹魚 in Mandarin Chinese
红腹鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
美洲鱥 in Chinese (中文)
美洲鱥 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Phoxinus
Species : Phoxinus erythrogaster
Authority : Rafinesque, 1820