Ironcolor shiner

Ironcolor Shiner is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Notropis.

The Ironcolor shiner lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

DISTRIBUTION: The ironcolor shiner is found in Atlantic and Gulf slope drainages from Maine to Texas, generally in the lower Coastal Plain and infrequently up the Mississippi basin to Michigan. More

Ironcolor shiners swim in open water in medium-sized schools of mixed year classes. They feed on small aquatic and terrestrial insects, and other invertebrates. More

Ironcolor shiner-Notropis chalybaeus - Native: Yes State Rank: SX ITIS Code: 163403 National Rank: N4 More

ironcolor shiner, Notropis chalybaeus Cope in Arkansas. Proc. Ark. Acad. Sci. 31:92-94. Robison, H.W., and T.M. Buchanan. 1988. Fishes of Arkansas. The University of Arkanasas Press, Fayetteville. 536 pp. Ross, S. T. 2001. The Inland Fishes of Mississippi. More


The ironcolor shiner has a More

Ironcolor Shiner (Notropis chalybaeus) Back to the Minnow Family | Back to Fish Images More

Ironcolor shiner; Spottail shiner; Wedgespot shiner; Yellowfin shiner; Coastal shiner; Sharpnose shiner; Rosyface shiner; Topeka shiner; Sand shiner; Flagfin shiner; Mimic shiner; Phantom shiner; Blackmouth shiner; Blackchin shiner; Blacknose shiner; Sailfin shiner; Bridle shiner; River shiner; Bigeye shiner; Ghost shiner; Pugnose shiner; More

The ironcolor shiner is a small (5-6 cm), yellowish fish that in breeding season has a bright red belly. This species has a complete lateral line with a lateral band that extends from snout to tail. More

San Marcos River - ironcolor shiner Notropis chalybaeus Radio-Telemetry- Guadalupe bass Micropterus treculii More

ironcolor shinerIroncolor Shiner (Notropis chalybaeus) lake chubLake Chub (Couesius plumbeus) longnose daceLongnose Dace (Rhinichthys cataractae) mimic shinerMimic Shiner (Notropis volucellus) northern redbelly daceNorthern Redbelly Dace (Phoxinus eos) pearl dacePearl Dace (Semotilus margarita) More

sturgeon chub, and ironcolor shiner have been extirpated, while the sicklefin chub, lake chub, blacknose shiner, and silverband shiner have lost most of their distinct habitat and are endangered. More

Josh Perkin, "Evolutionary response of a relict ironcolor shiner (Notropis chalybaeus) population to a spring environment" The western extent of ironcolor shiner contiguous range is the Red River drainage in Texas, but a disjunct, relict population exists further west in the Guadalupe River drainage. More

>It looks like an Ironcolor Shiner to me, Notropis chalybaeus. How it got >in the Sabine river is a mystery, though. They're only supposed to be >found a few hundred miles further south, in the Colorado river drainage >near Austin. More

Ironcolor shiner Notropis chalybaeus * Spottail shiner Notropis hudsonius * Silver shiner Notropis photogenis More

Common names

ironcolor shiner in English
Jeleček americký in Czech (česky)
鉛色美洲鱥 in Mandarin Chinese
铅色美洲鱥 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Notropis
Species : Notropis chalybaeus
Authority : Cope, 1867