Mahseer is the common name used for the genera Tor, Neolissochilus, and Naziritor in the family Cyprinidae (carps). The name Mahseer is however more often restricted to members of the genus Tor. More

Kings of the Rivers: Mahseer in Malaysia and the Region Cost: RM180 Publisher: Inter Sea Fishery (M) Sdn Bhd Enquiries: (03) 8062 1373/5351 E-mail: More

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Colin Belton with a nice 50lb Mahseer caught on a Dave Plummer escorted holidays I love the look of surprise on Martin Smyth face cradling his 37lb Mahseer A really fat Mahseer caught on our Dave Plummer escorted fishing holidays, India Even small Mahseer like this provide More

name: Mahseerfound in: India 2 tours are selected * Escorted Mahseer Fishing Cauvery River Galibore Camp India Escorted Mahseer Fishing Cauvery River Galibore Camp India - More

Mahseer Fly fishing in Thailand, Thai Mahseer. More

Mahseer have large, thick scales, powerful jaws, and protrusible, sometimes very fleshy, lips adapted for taking food from the bottom. Among the largest of Indian river fishes, mahseer attain a maximum size of some 2 m (6. More

Mahseer Conservation Project Before the advent of 20th century, all the streams, rivers and lakes of the Corbett country were abundantly populated by Gloden Mahseer fish. More

mahseer have taken on an unusual golden color (thus, Himalayan Golden Mahseer) and seem to have developed into a sort of apex predator. More

Mahseer magic - angling holidays in India hello For many anglers, fishing for mahseer is only a dream. More

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Mahseer fishing is one of the sporting traditions inherited from the British who ruled India; and in the recent times, the sporting world of the Golden Himalayan Mahseer has experienced a facelift complements to modern fly-tackle, techniques and tying materials hence bringing More

Habitat: The Himalayan Mahseer, "barbus tor putitora", swims in almost all glacial and spring fed river systems that drain the Himalayas . The fish is found up to an altitude of three thousand feet. More

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India, mahseer is also called 'kurriah' or 'kukhiah' ,whilst our kejor (tengas) is called 'kajra'. There is high possibility that the name of kelah is derived from these terms. More

Cirumventing the mahseer requires great skill, planning and practice. More

Mahseer Conservancy is a not-for-profit organisation which specialises in tackling grass-roots conservation issues with small-scale but large-impact community-based initiatives. More

Whilst we will initially concentrate on the mahseer in India (where it is known as the river tiger), we would also welcome information from around the world of other areas where the fish is present, to broaden our understanding of the species How can you More

The record Mahseer caught by J De Wet Van Ingen on the River Kabbini, a tributary of the River Cauvery on 22nd March 1946 using a 4" spoon. More

Mahseer taking a bait in one of India's mountain rivers, with the towering snowclad Himalayas as a backdrop in one of our tours, to be hooked for life. The Mahseer is essentially a fish of the fast flowing rivers. More

Four different kinds of Mahseer are found in these waters ? Silver, Gold, balck and Pink.Other fish often found are carp , catfish and many small ones useful as bait. More

Tours and expeditions for golden mahseer and other fish in the Indian Himalayas Sportfishing | Species | Locations | Programmes | Conservation 65lbs Golden Mahseer, Saryu River ....................................................................................................................................................... More

It's possible to hook a record size Mahseer in some of the waters, but landing them is a story we'd like you to write. In a somewhat perverse manner, if one looks purely at bags and tackle, the fishing doen't seem to have changed much really. More

fly-fishing for Mahseer, a sport which most certainly deserves the much needed importance as it involves one of the hardest fighting freshwater game fish - a delight for any angler! A scrutiny of the subject over the past few years, has brought me to More

Mahseer - its significance, from the Mahseer fishing point of view, elevates it amongst the top rivers for the Mahseer of India, with excellent fishing potential. More

Mahseer belongs to the carp family and is recognized by its large scales numbering 25 to 28 along the lateral line with two pairs of barbels. The males are identified by their long pectoral fins. More

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Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Tor
Species : Neolissochilus hexastichus
Authority : Hamilton, 1822