The Hardhead lives in the demersal, freshwater environment.

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Hardhead, Mylopharodon conocephalus Appearance and Identification: · Large minnows, sometimes greater than 60 cm SL, rarely exceed 30 cm in smaller streams. More

The Hardhead, Aytha australis is the only true diving duck found in Australia. Hardheads are common in the south-east of Australia, particularly in the Murray-Darling Basin, but also in the wetter country near the coasts. More

Hardhead is the name of two fictional characters in the Transformers universes. Contents - * 1 Transformers: Generation 1 * 1. More

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Hardhead (SS-365) was launched by Manitowoc Shipbuilding Co., Manitowoc, Wis., 12 December 1943; sponsored by Mrs. E. F. McDonald; and commissioned 18 April 1944, Comdr. F. McMaster in command. More

1 a : a hardheaded person b : blockhead 2 plural hardheads also hardhead : any of several fishes especially with a spiny or bony head; especially : atlantic croaker Bing Learn more about "hardhead" Learn more about "hardhead" and related topics More

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The hardhead catfish is colored dirty gray with a white underside. No scales are present on the skin. Four barbels are found under the chin and two more at the corners of the mouth. More

hardhead or hard·heads Any of several fishes having a bony head, especially the Atlantic croaker. More

Hardhead catfish have six rounded barbels that stick out from their chins like whiskers. These barbels help the catfish find crabs, fish and shrimp in the muddy bays where they live. More

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Hardhead was one of 121 Balao Class Submarines built. She was commissioned on 18 Apr 44 under the command of CDR Fitzhugh McMaster. More

Hardhead Production & Mngmnt In Business Since 1993 AT&T 2010 Winter Olympics Team USA * Careers * About YELLOWPAGES. More

hardhead definition hard·head (härd′hed′) noun 1. a shrewd person, not easily moved 2. any of various fishes; esp. More

Common names

Gila kalifornská in Czech (česky)
Hardhead in English
臼齒魚 in Mandarin Chinese
臼齿鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Mylopharodon
Species : Mylopharodon conocephalus
Authority : Baird & Girard,1854