Virgin spinedace

This Virgin Spinedace is overall silvery in color, with a brassy sheen and a pattern of sooty blotches or speckles on each side.

The Virgin spinedace lives in the demersal, freshwater environment.

Virgin spinedace; Virgin islands frog; Monito del monte; Del norte salamander; Laguna del bay frog; Total Images : 582 Page No. More

Virgin spinedace; Virgin islands frog; Total Images : 582 Page No. More

The Virgin spinedace, Lepidomeda mollispinis, is a small minnow originally found throughout the Virgin River system of Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. More

River Chub, and Virgin Spinedace and Notice of Public Hearing More

The Virgin Spinedace, Lepidomeda mollispinus, is a cyprinid fish of the Virgin River, a tributary of the Colorado River in the United States. More

on the abundance and distribution of Virgin Spinedace in the North Fork of the Virgin River within Zion National Park. On May 18, 1994, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service proposed the species for listing as a threatened species pursuant to the ESA. More

woundfin, and Virgin spinedace (Lepidomeda mollispinis mollispinis) (if it became listed under the Act before December 31, 1994). The Court ordered that critical habitat be proposed no later than April 1, 1995, and be finalized by December 1, 1995. More

Plan, the Virgin Spinedace Conservation Agreement, the Lower Virgin River Recovery Implementation Team, and the proposed Virgin River Resource Management and Recovery Program. More

need to list the Virgin spinedace, but at the same time it will begin to protect and enhance the habitat of other species dependent on the Virgin River basin," said Ralph Morgenweck, Regional Director for the Service's Mountain-Prairie Region. More

The Virgin Spinedace spawning season is from mid-March to July 1st. Water levels during significant runoff events in late spring would be high enough that spinedace would not likely be affected by the type of watercraft mentioned above. More

Virgin spinedace are collected for breeding March 1, 2008 DNR schools students on native fish November 14, 2007 Struggling Species Receives Helping "Fin" November 6, 2007 Stocking the river: Officials hope to save woundfin More

Virgin spinedace (Lepidomeda mollispinis mollispinis) State conservation species Size: 5" (12.7 cm) The Virgin spinedace looks, feeds, and behaves like a miniature trout. More

Common names

big spring spinedace in English
Lepidomeda mollispinis in Catalan (Català)
Trněnka měkkotrnná in Czech (česky)
virgin spinedace in English
軟刺鱥 in Mandarin Chinese
软刺鱥 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Lepidomeda
Species : Lepidomeda mollispinis
Authority : Miller and Hubbs, 1960