African carp

, This is African carping at its best... Close to Johannesburg Airport... Carpin heaven.... More

African carp is a common name that may refer to several different species of fishes: * The Tana Labeo, Labeo mesops * The Cornish jack, Mormyrops anguilloides * Labeo brachypoma More

Proof of South African Carp over 80 lbs exists, in one dam 5 fish of over 80 lbs were either caught or found dead between 1970 & 1985, that is 25 years ago! On another occasion an 83 lb carp was caught in the 80’s at Bon-accord dam and recently a More

The South African Carp Society is a member based organisation with the sole focus of promoting the sport of catch and release carp angling in Southern Africa. The South African Carp Society started out on the 1st of October 2008. More

The South African Carp Team has won both the Team and Individual gold medals at the 2009 Carp Angling World Championships staged at Lac de I’Uby in France on 23-25 October. More

South African carp fishing chases a rather handsome animal that was brought to this country nearly 300 years ago. It's settled in rather well and now provides entertainment to a growing sector of the angling community. More

South African carp fishing takes you to beautiful places. More

Common names

Adublaku in Adangme
African carp in English
African carps in English
Agbogbohie in Ewe (Ɛʋɛgbɛ)
Agbongboyie in Ewe (Ɛʋɛgbɛ)
Agbonmo in Irish (Gaeilge)
Azu ogwu in Igbo
Bedempuure in Mooré
Bobiregw? in Jula
Bobiregwɛ in Jula
Craw-craw nose in Creole, English
Data in Hausa (‫هَوُسَ)
Dolla in Soninke
Dubi in Hausa (‫هَوُسَ)
Dula bul in Kanuri
Dummi in Hausa (‫هَوُسَ)
Edu bokin in Nupe
Farin Dumi in Hausa (‫هَوُسَ)
Farin dummi in Hausa (‫هَوُسَ)
Fondolle in Soninke
Gohol in Kim
Guhul in Kim
Janndere raneere in Fula
Janndere raneere in Fulfulde, Pulaar
Labeo senegalské in Czech (česky)
Linjalabeo in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Pina kobiye in Ijo
Satt in Wolof (Wollof)
塞內加爾野鯪 in Mandarin Chinese
塞内加尔野鲮 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Labeo
Species : Labeo horie
Authority : Valenciennes, 1842