Bighead carp

The Bighead carp lives in the benthopelagic, potamodromous, freshwater, depth range 5 - m environment.

carp, silver carp and bighead carp of the Yangtze River. Pages 15-51 in D.C.Chapman, editor. Early development of four cyprinids native to the Yangtze River. US Geological Survey Data Series 239. More

There is a bighead carp over 100 pounds in a museum in Pakistan, and Fauna Sinica makes mention of a fish of greater than 45 kg, which would be right at the hundred pound range. More

The bighead carp has dark blotches along the top of its body (in the dorsal region). More

been attributed to the very similar bighead carp, but this is apocryphal information. Bighead carp do not normally jump when frightened. (See Kolar et al. 2007, Bigheaded carps: A Biological Synopsis and Risk Assessment.) More

The bighead carp is a freshwater fish, one of several Asian carps. It has a large, scaleless head, a large mouth, and eyes located very low on the head. Adults usually have a mottled silver-gray coloration. Adults can be quite large. More

Bighead Carp, SIUC 23919, 207 millimeter SL, from Washington County, Illinois. Figure 35. Bighead Carp, SIUC 23919, 207 millimeter SL, from Washington County, Illinois. Description The Bighead Carp (fig. More

Bighead carp have a habit of feeding by skimming the surface film, which makes them easy (although skittish) prey for bowfishermen. Shooting fish with a firearm is illegal in Missouri, but it is legal to shoot nongame fish, including Asian carp, with a bow. More

The bighead carp was first introduced into the United States in 1972 by a private fish farmer in Arkansas. However, during flood events some of the carp were washed out of the ponds and ended up in many waterways of the Mississippi River basin area. More

Bighead carp are native to the large rivers and associated floodplain lakes of Eastern Asia. Their range extends from southern China to the Amur River system, which forms the northern border of China and the southern border of Russia. More

Common Name: Bighead Carp - This fish may also be referred to as noble fish, speckled amur, or lake fish. Scientific Name: Hypophthalmichthys nobilis The bighead carp was formerly known as Aristichthys nobilis but that is no longer its accepted scientific name. More

pounds for bighead carp and 60 pounds for silver carp. Both species have low-set eyes below the mouth and large upturned mouths without barbels. Imported from China in the 1970s for use in aquaculture ponds to control plankton. More

bighead carp, Hypopthalmichys nobilis, from Iowa's restricted fish page, with permission Bighead Carp - Hypothalmichthys nobilis Description: One of the "Chinese" carp. Its eye is below the midline of the head, small scales, and a very large head, with a mottled gray appearance overall. More

Nutritional values: Bighead carp is an excellent food for human consumption. Not only tasty, but healthy , too. They have less than 2 per cent fat, plus loads of calcium and high in protein. They also contain no carbohydrates and they are high in omega-3 fatty-aids. More

Image of bighead carp on black background Title: Bighead Carp on black background Photo Credit: David Riecks Organization: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Reprinted with Permission, Copyrighted 2003 More


Bighead Carp Identified in Missouri River - Bighead carp are strange looking fish with eyes very low on its head. Here is a picture of two Bighead carp caught in the Missouri River. This species is an exotic to the USA. More

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Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Aristichthys
Species : Hypophthalmichthys nobilis
Authority : Richardson, 1845