Mississippi silvery minnow

classified as Mississippi silvery minnow, even though this species does not occur in Colorado, and many later collections were misclassified as the wrong species due to their similarity. In Chapter I of this final report, we detail a method for distinguishing brassy minnow from plains minnow. More

Mississippi silvery minnow- Hybognathus nuchalis plains minnow- Hybognathus placitus bigeye chub- Hybopsis amblops pallid shiner- Hybopsis amnis silver carp- Hypophthalmichthys molitrix bighead carp- Hypophthalmichthys nobilis More

Mississippi silvery minnow-Hybognathus nuchalis - Native: Yes State Rank: S3? ITIS Code: 163360 National Rank: N5 More

The Mississippi silvery minnow has abruptly declined in the pooled portion of the Mississippi River (Pflieger 1975, Grace and Pflieger 1985) and was last collected from Fox River in 1941. Similar declines have occurred elsewhere in its range particularly in Tennessee (Etnier 1979). More

Mississippi Silvery Minnow, Hybognathus nuchalis Cypress Minnow, H. hayi Plains Minnow, H. placitus Western Silvery Minnow, H. argyritis Striped Shiner, Luxilus chrysocephalus (3) 1) L. c. chrysocephalus (large male, Missouri) 2) L. c. More

Mississippi Silvery - The Mississippi silvery minnow is common in sluggish streams throughout the Mississippi and Mobile basins. Pugnose - The pugnose minnow is best known for its small head and small, almost vertical mouth. More

* Mississippi Silvery Minnow Hybognathus nuchalis * Cypress Minnow Hybognathus hayi * Striped Shiner Luxilus chrysocephalus * Redfin Shiner Lythrurus umbratilis * Mountain Shiner Lythrurus lirus More

broad and concave in the Mississippi silvery minnow or peg-like in the plains minnow. Distribution - throughout the Missouri River basin in Iowa. Foods - bottom ooze. Adult Length - 4+ inches. More

___ Mississippi silvery minnow ( Hybognathus nuchalis ) u ___ Speckled chub ( Hybopsis aestivalis ) More

HABITAT AND ECOLOGY: Mississippi silvery minnows are common in low-gradient rivers and streams. The fact that they often abundant just upstream of where streams enter larger rivers or impoundments indicates a preference for flowing conditions. More

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Hybognathus
Species : Hybognathus nuchalis
Authority : Agassiz, 1855