Hemigrammocypris rasborella

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The Hemigrammocypris rasborella lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater, brackish environment.

Hemigrammocypris rasborella (FOWLER) Eggs of H. rasborella were collected by junior author ata pond of Shiga-ken Fisheries Experiment Station, Hikone, on June 18, 1946. More

Hemigrammocypris rasborella is of uncertain relationships. It might be close to Aphyocypris. Mahseers are peculiar cyprinids in the genera Naziritor, Neolissochilus and Tor, sometimes united in the last. More

Hemigrammocypris rasborella in Shizuoka, Japan. Ichthyological Research Okuzaki Y., Tayasu I., Okuda N. and Sota T. (in press) Vertical heterogeneity of a forest floor invertebrate food web as indicated by stable isotope analysis. More

Common names

Gramona japonská in Czech (česky)
Kawabata-moroko in Japanese (日本語)
Kawabatamoroko in Japanese (日本語)
Rasborabarbi in Finnish (suomen kieli)
カワバタモロコ in Japanese (日本語)
錦波魚 in Mandarin Chinese
錦波魚 in Unknown
锦波鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
锦波鱼 in Unknown

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Hemigrammocypris
Species : Hemigrammocypris rasborella
Authority : Fowler, 1910