The fish reaches a size of up to 23.

The sharpbelly, Hemiculter leucisculus, Korean sharpbelly, or common sawbelly is a tropical freshwater and brackish water fish belonging to the Cultrinae sub-family of the Cyprinidae family. It originates in large streams and reservoirs in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and the Amur River basin. More

The Ussuri sharpbelly, Hemiculter lucidus, is a temperate freshwater fish belonging to the Cultrinae sub-family of the Cyprinidae family. It originates in the Amur River basin in Asia. It was originally described as Culter lucidus by B. I. More

springeri banarescu et nalbant, Sharpbelly, common Korean bitterling were observed in the area. More

yellowfin (Xenocypris), and sharpbelly (Hemiculter leucisculus) that the Argun region lacks. However, the region is devoid of Chanodichthys, Culter, Hypophthalmichthys, Saurogobio, and Lefua genera. In general, the ecoregion is characterized by the predominance of rheophylic species. More

Sharpbelly, Common sawbelly, Korean sharpbelly 第十七周的「每周一魚」,仍然是淡水魚之中的最大的類群「骨鰾超目(Ostariophysi)」中,屬於「耳鰾系(Otophysi)」之「鯉形目(Cypriniformes)」下「鯉超科(Cyprinoidea)」的「鮊亞科(Cultrinae)」,為一群小型至中大型淡水魚類。成員廣布於東亞,包含「白魚屬(Anabarilius)」、「鮊屬(Culter)」等18個屬,其中有17屬在中國有分布。本周所介紹的物種,是「鯈(Hemiculter leucisculus)」。 物種故事(Story of the species) 「鯈」是1855年,由歐洲比利時魚類學家巴西柳斯基(Pierre Basilewsky,1883-1958),在「莫斯科皇家博物學者學會新論文集(Nouveaux mémoires de la Société impérialedes naturalistes de Moscou)」第10期中的論文「中國北部魚類(Ichthyographia Chinae Borealis)」裡,根據採自華北的標本,以「白鮊(Culter leucisculus)」的學名首次被記載。 More

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Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Hemiculter
Species : Hemiculter leucisculus
Authority : Basilewsky, 1855