Spotted barbel

The Spotted barbel lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

along the stream and having spotted Barbel on one of these walks was really excited about having a go for one. More

Spotted barbel gudgeon * Click on the image to see the normal image Family Cyprinidae과 Species Squalidus multimaculatus (HOSOYA and JEON, 1984) ScientificName Spotted More

Spotted barbel gudgeon 특 징 몸은 길지 않으며 옆으로 납작하다. 머리는 납작하고 길며, 주둥이는 길다. 입은 주둥이 밑에 있고, 입의 가장자리에는 1쌍의 수염이 있다. 수염길이는 눈의 직경과 거의 같거나 약간 짧다. 측선은 완전하며 배쪽으로 약간 굽어있다. More

Spotted barbel (Hamibarbus mylodon ) Marbled eel (Anguilla marmorata) Spotted barbel (Hamibarbus mylodon ) Manchurian trout (Brachymystax lenok ) Golden mandarin fish (Siniperca scherzeri) Manchurian trout (Brachymystax lenok ) Golden More

Common names

Korean doty barbel in Unknown
Parma pusanská in Czech (česky)
Spotted barbel in English
朝鮮 in Mandarin Chinese
朝鲜 in Mandarin Chinese
어름치 in Korean (한국어)

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Hemibarbus
Species : Hemibarbus mylodon
Authority : Berg, 1907