Spotfin chub

The Spotfin chub lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

(Boulder Darter and Spotfin Chub) in Shoal Creek, Tennessee and Alabama 10/21/2004 69 FR 61774 61784 Establishment of a Nonessential Experimental Population for Two Fishes (Boulder Darter and Spotfin Chub) in Shoal Creek, Tennessee and More

TN00163 SPOTFIN CHUB HYBOPSIS MONACHA Tennessee Animal Biogeographic System TABS = version 12/2002 Taxonomy Status Distribution Habitat Associations Food More

Spotfin Chub Hybopsis monacha (Cope, 1868) KINGDOM: Animal GROUP: Fish PHYLUM: Chordata CLASS: Osteichthyes ORDER: Cypriniformes FAMILY: Cyprinidae The spotfin chub is a small minnow, maximum known length 92.5 mm standard length, of somewhat elongate, slightly to moderately compressed body form. More

Spotfin Chub (Hybopsis monacha) = Kim D. More

and Spotfin Chub) in Shoal Creek, Tennessee and Alabama Action: FINAL RULE Effective: April 8, 2005 Overview This final rule is a collaborative effort between the FWS and the states of Tennessee and Alabama More

Spotfin chub; Chub; Spotfin scorpionfish; Spotfin flounder; Spotfin tonguefish; Spotfin squirrelfish; Spotfin burrfish; Spotfin sculpin; Spotfin tetra; Spotfin corydoras; Spotfin dragonet; Spotfin betta; Spotfin shiner; Spotfin hatchetfish; Spotfin lionfish; Spotfin hogfish; Spotfin frogfish; Spotfin butterflyfish; River chub; Lake chub; Sea More

The Spotfin Chub was the fourth species to be spawned successfully in the Conservation Fisheries Hatchery. More

Spotfin Chub (Erimonax monachus) Microhabitat Evaluation, Emory River Watershed. Dr. Brad Cook, Tennessee Technological University. One of the strongest remaining populations of spotfin chub occurs within the Emory River watershed within the boundaries of the Cumberland HCP project area. More

The spotfin chub is a small, slender fish, not exceeding 4 inches in length. Juveniles, females, and nonbreeding males have tan-, gray-, or olive-colored backs, bright silvery sides, and white bellies. A dark spot is sometimes visible at the base of the tail. More

The spotfin chub (Erimonax monachus) is recognized as threatened by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service). It was once widely distributed throughout the Tennessee River drainage in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. More

The spotfin chub (Cyprinella =Hybopsis monacha), which was once widely distributed within the Tennessee River system, is now restricted to only four river systems in the Tennessee River valley. To help secure its continued existence, the U.S. More

The Spotfin Chub scientific name is Turquoise Shiner. Some of the descriptions I found was it is one of the smaller fishes. It's also slender. It grows to be about 4 inches in length! The nonbreeding males have gray, olive, or tan backs. More

Copyrighted spotfin chub picture from "Fishes of Alabama and the Mobile Basin" = SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cyprinella monacha CHARACTERISTICS: The body form of Cyprinella monacha is elongate, terete, and somewhat triangular in cross section. More

Boulder Darter and Spotfin Chub Reintroduction As part of a broad effort to restore threatened and endangered species in the Tennessee River system, the U.S. More

The FWS is currently monitoring populations of the Spotfin Chub in the Tellico River, between the backwaters of the Tellico Reservoir and the Tellico Ranger Station, in Monroe County, Tennessee Range And Population Level: Once endemic to the Tennessee River drainage in Alabama, Georgia, More

The Spotfin Chub is a silvery sliver of a minnow that was forced from its home in the Cherokee National Forest by a combination of man and nature. Logging and wildfires caused erosion along the banks of the Tellico River, destroying the fish’s natural habitat. More

while the Spotfin Chub is one of its most important but least known residents. Wild Side Guide Alan Griggs shows why maintaining a healthy relationship is critical to the life of the river and the fish. More

Common names

Chromium shiner in English
Jelčík příčnopruhý in Czech (česky)
spotfin chub in English
Turquoise shiner in English
孤真小鯉 in Mandarin Chinese
孤真小鲤 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Erimonax
Species : Erimonax monachus
Authority : Cope, 1868