The Yellowcheek lives in the benthopelagic, potamodromous, freshwater, pH range: 7.0 - 7.5, dH range: 10 - 20 environment.

* States/US Territories in which the Yellowcheek Darter is known to occur: Arkansas More

The yellowcheek darter (Etheostoma moorei) is a species of fish in the Percidae family. It is endemic to the United States. Source - * Gimenez Dixon, M. 1996. Etheostoma moorei. More

These chicks are yellowcheek babies and may be the first of their kind hatched in Canada ! 4 of the 5 chicks are visual yellowcheeks and if the cinnamon pied baby is a male, he'll be carrying the yellowcheek gene. More

("Smudge") and Banjo is a cinnamon pied / yellowcheek out of Bingo and Opal. Cute babies "Shiloh" "Butch" ClicMAGNA k here to add your text. More

concern' such as Yellowcheek darter places a regional priority on identification of critical habitat, habitat conservation methods and prevention of further habitat degradation. The LRRH also includes the habitat of the endangered Speckled Pocketbook Mussel (Lamsilis streckeri). More

The yellowcheek darter (Etheostoma moorei) is an endemic species of north-central Arkansas, found only in four headwater streams of the Little Red River above Greers Ferry Lake. More

#2 Yellowcheek Cinnamon Pearl Pied Founded June 3, 2007 #4 Whiteface Silver Pearl Pied #5 Whiteface Fallow Pearl Pied #8 Yellowcheek Cinnamon Pearl Pied #6 Whiteface Cinnamon Pied #9 Whiteface Pied #7 More

Dominant Yellowcheek Pearl (center) & Dominant Yellowcheek Cinnamon Pied (right) c. More

Yellowcheek Cinnamon Whiteface Suffused Silver Normal Grey Lutino Silver Pied Cinnamon Pearl Fallow Whiteface Primary Mutations Dominant Silver More

Yellowcheek Cinnamon ACS111M-22-94 (DAM) Cinnamon Pearl Yellowcheek "PEREZ" (SIRE) "TORY" Normal split to Lutino Pearl NCS16P-164-94 PHIL More

Only 10,000 yellowcheek darters survive in the headwater streams of the Little Red River in Arkansas, now the fish’s its only known habitat. As a result, the 3-inch-long, brown-colored fish has been made a candidate for listing by the U.S. More

The yellowcheek mutation is one of the latest to be established in cockatiels . This birds appear to be normally coloured except that they lack orange tones on their faces. More

" BETTINA " Yellowcheek Heavy Lacewing Pearl out of " PEARLITA " & " TUCKER " Taken on November 24, 2001 Pictured here @ 49 days old Photo/Bred by Darlene & Kevin Johnson Owner Maddie in Ontario " ALPINE " Cinnamon More

The yellowcheek darter, Etheostoma moorei, is an endemic species found only in four headwater streams of the Little Red River, Arkansas. The purpose of the study was to determine the current population structure of Turkey, South and Middle forks. More

Common names

Bambuza in Polish (polski)
Bolenec amurský in Czech (česky)
Cá Măng in Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)
Kanyu in English
Yellowcheek in English
Zheltoschek in Russian (русский язык)
Zheltoshchek in Russian (русский язык)
желтощек in Russian (русский язык)
鱤 in Mandarin Chinese
鳡 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Elopichthys
Species : Elopichthys bambusa
Authority : Richardson, 1845