Siamese flying fox

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I have 2 Flying foxes and 2 Siamese Flying foxes in a 4" 250L tank. The 2 Flying Foxes don't like each others company very much and tend to stay away from each other and will chase the other away. But no harm it seems is done. More

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The Siamese Flying Fox is a great fish for the community aquarium. Ignoring other species, this fish tends to stay by himself. It prefers a planted aquarium with many broad-leaved plants on which it can rest on. More

Very similar indeed with the Siamese Flying Fox except with that fish the black band doesn't go into the caudal fin. Pictures - Adult Siamese flying fox. 5" (12. More

as the siamese flying fox but eth siamese flying fox is also something different. More

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Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Crossocheilus
Species : Crossocheilus oblongus
Authority : Kuhl & Van Hasselt, 1823