Mud carp

The Siamese mud carp (Henicorhynchus siamensis) is a species of freshwater cyprinid fish, a variety of Asian carp native to the Mekong river in South-east Asia, and especially present in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. More

Mud carp, belong to Cyprinidae, they have formed their respective ways of food in-take and their respective food chains at different stages of the development, It is due to their long-term adaptations to ecological conditions, the restrictions of water body environment and the perfection of More

For this reason, mud carp was chosen by farmers as a substitute for common carp in aquaculture, together with silver carp, bighead, grass carp and black carp; the seed of these species were easily available in the areas along the Pearl River. More

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The mud carp (Cirrhinus molitorella) is a freshwater fish species in the minnows or carps family (family Cyprinidae) of order Cypriniformes (carps), native to the Mekong River basin, the Chao Phraya River basin and the Mae Klong River basin in Thailand. More

Mud Carp is a Guangdong specialty. Mud carps from ShunDe District are plentyful but do not taste good because they feed on silkworm droppings. Those from PanYu are much better quality. Mud carps are among the tastier of freshwater fishes. More

Mud carp represents 40% of the total of the cultured fish population because it is an omnivorous species and even a small fish of 200gm can be sold at the village market. Seed supply of mud carp is relatively easily available and cheap to purchase. More

Mud carp culture began much later than common carp, in the areas along the Pearl River of southern China. According to historical records, the culture of mud carp was closely related to the will of the current governor. In the Tang Dynasty (618-904 A.D. More

HONG KONG - A mud carp sample has been found to contain a trace amount of malachite green, the Centre for Food Safety says. More

The detection of the banned substance in mud carp brings to four the number of freshwater-fish types found to have been tainted - after the flat turbot fish, garoupa and bream. More

Soybean mud carp contained small quantities of malachite green. Democratic Party legislator Fred Li criticized the government during a Legislative Council session. "In August, the government urgently passed the law to ban all food containing malachite green," he said. More

Steamed Mud Carp’s Head with Chilli is one of the most popular Hunan dishes. The spicy taste could help stimulate good appetite. It’s not too hard to make this dish back home by yourself. More

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Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Cirrhinus
Species : Cirrhinus chinensis
Authority : Valenciennes, 1844