They are often caught as a sport fish: the British rod-caught record for largest crucian is four pounds, nine ounces, caught by Martin Bowler in a lake in southern England in 2003.

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In crucian carp, which is from the same subtribe, Cyprini, as goldfish and common carp, Cyprinus carpio (Rainboth, 1991Go), males showed short followings and inspections of the anal papillae of the PGF2{alpha}-injected females (Weltzien et al., 2003Go). More

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The Crucian Carp (Carassius carassius) is a member of the family Cyprinidae, which includes many other fish such as the common carp, or the smaller minnows. They inhabit lakes, ponds, and slow-moving rivers throughout Europe and Asia. More

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Every 100 grams of the meat of the crucian contain the quantity of heat 452 kJ, the protein 17.1g, the fat 2.7 g, the carbohydrate 3.8g, the vitamine A 17μg, the vitamine B1 0.04mg, the riboflavin ... More

of the crucian carp, or perhaps a hybrid between it and the common carp. More

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fall prompts the crucian carp to store vast amounts of glycogen in its brain to keep the brain functioning and healthy from February to April, when there is no oxygen left in the ponds, a new study finds. More

Meet the crucian carp - the hard nut of Britain's freshwater fish. The Carassius carassius, to give it its proper name, is Britain's only native carp species. More

Elena Crucian is 44 years old and has been a farmer in the Cimislia district for more than 12 years. More

The Crucian Carp whilst of the same family as the Common Carp is different in that it doesn't have barbules and rarely reaches a weight above 1.5 kg. More

crucian carp × blunt snout bream, which belonged to a different subfamily of fish (Cyprininae subfamily and Cultrinae subfamily) in the catalog. More

hypothesized that the crucian carp brain has vast stores of glycogen, too, which it draws on when oxygen runs out. More

The crucian carp is a very hardy fish able to survive in the smallest of pools they thrive in very weedy muddy water with little oxygen. Conditions that most other fishes could not survive in. More

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The crucian carp's cousin, the goldfish, was the pet fish of choice before the advent of equipment to aerate tanks. But the crucian carp is a standout even within the carp family at surviving without oxygen. More

Crucian carp is a freshwater fish that inhabits lakes, rivers and reservoirs in various countries in Asia and Europe. More

Wild Carp / King Carp / Common Carp / Crucian CarpFishing: Fish of the week by Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)Environment Agency fisheries officer Phil Bolton said: ``The crucian carp should have no problem thriving in theNative carp is under threat -from goldfish by Daily Post (Liverpool, England)More results More

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Thats not a crucian carp its a fantailed goldfish I have them in my pond laney1248 (2 months ago) Show Hide +1 Marked as spamReply a problem with cross breeding between True Crucians and Goldfish is that you could loose the true crucian genes and only be left with hybrid More

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Authority : Linnaeus, 1758