Mexican stoneroller

The Mexican stoneroller has a very stout body with a very large head and snout.

The Mexican stoneroller lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

shiner, Mexican stoneroller, ornate shiner, Yaqui longfin dace, Mexican roundtail chub, Yaqui sucker, Yaqui topminnow, Yaqui catfish, and Yaqui chub, the last three of which are listed as endangered by the U.S. government. More

endangered Mexican stoneroller, which is a fish. In the video, you can meet Valer Austin, a visual artist from New York City who moved to the desert southwest with her husband Josiah, a Dallas investor. More

the Mexican stoneroller and the longfin dace are native to Arizona. The survey was conducted on four reaches of the creek. The first reach was above Rucker Dam and went upstream for approximately two miles. More

Mexican stoneroller Mexican stoneroller (Campostoma ornatum) bluefin stoneroller bluefin stoneroller (Campostoma pauciradii) (Campostoma pullum) Page IndexIntroduction | | Links Click here to find some convenient links. More

San Bernardino include Mexican stoneroller, longfin dace, roudtail chub and Yaqui sucker. Additional information U.S. More

hawk and endangered Mexican stoneroller, which is a fish. Austin and her fellow ranchers, Mexican and American, along with a coalition of binational environmentalists want to protect this vital corridor for migratory animals. More

Common names

Jelec mexický in Czech (česky)
Mexican stoneroller in English
rodapiedras mexicano in Spanish (español)
文飾曲口魚 in Mandarin Chinese
文飾曲口魚 in Unknown
文饰曲口鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
文饰曲口鱼 in Unknown

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Campostoma
Species : Campostoma ornatum
Authority : Girard, 1856