Clanwilliam redfin

The Clanwilliam Redfin (Barbus calidus) is a ray-finned fish species in the family Cyprinidae. It is placed in the "wastebin genus" Barbus – the typical barbels and relatives – by default. More

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The clanwilliam redfin is classified as a member of the order Cypriniformes and is a member of the family Cyprinidae. More

The Clanwilliam yellowfish, Clanwilliam redfin minnow and fiery redfin minnow are but a few of the threatened fish species endemic to the area. More

Xavier Cortada, 19E Clanwilliam Redfin, pencil on paper, 9" x 12", 2009 - 19°E Barbus calidus Clanwilliam Redfin Photo courtesy of E. Naus. More

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Barbus
Species : Barbus serra
Authority : Barnard, 1938