Bangana behri

The Bangana behri lives in the benthopelagic, potamodromous, freshwater environment.

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Common names

Bangana Behrova in Czech (česky)
Pa va ho kham in Lao (ພາສາລາວ)
Pa va ho kham in Laotian
Pa wa nah nuk in Lao (ພາສາລາວ)
Pa wa nah nuk in Laotian
Pba wa kum in Laotian
Pba wa na nor in Lao (ພາສາລາວ)
Pba wa na nor in Laotian
Pla na nor in Thai (ไทย)
Pla nga in Thai (ไทย)
Pla nha nor in Thai (ไทย)
Pla va in Thai (ไทย)
Pla va ho kham in Thai (ไทย)
Trey pava mook pee in Khmer (ភាសាខ្មែរ)
Wa na nor in Lao (ພາສາລາວ)
Wa na nor in Laotian
ปลางา in Thai (ไทย)
ปลาหน้านอ in Thai (ไทย)
ปลาหว้า in Thai (ไทย)
貝氏孟加拉鯪 in Mandarin Chinese
貝爾氏野鯪 in Mandarin Chinese
贝尔氏野鲮 in Mandarin Chinese
贝氏孟加拉国鲮 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Bangana
Species : Bangana behri
Authority : Fowler, 1937