Argentine anchoita

By biomass, it is the largest fish resource of the southwest Atlantic Ocean .

The Argentine anchoita lives in the pelagic-neritic, oceanodromous, marine, depth range 30 - 200 m environment.

The Argentine anchoita, Engraulis anchoita, is an anchovy of the genus Engraulis, found in and around waters of Argentina. More

Argentine anchoita; Engraulis anchoita; Argentine ant; Argentine humphead; Argentine goatfish; Argentine croaker; Atlantic argentine; Greater argentine; Striated argentine; Argentine angelshark; Argentine conger; Argentine menhaden; Greenland argentine; Slender argentine; Argentine caecilian; Argentine hake; Argentine grey fox; Argentine ruddy duck; More

* Argentine anchoita, Engraulis anchoita Hubbs & Marini, 1935 * Australian anchovy, Engraulis australis (White, 1790) * European anchovy, Engraulis encrasicolus (Linnaeus, 1758) * Silver anchovy, Engraulis eurystole (Swain & Meek, 1885) More

south, off Uruguay and Argentina, the Argentine anchoita (Engraulis anchoita) is one of the few cases left of an underexploited stock. While catches of this species have been stable in the order of 20 000 t per year, available estimates suggest a potential several times higher. More

Further behind were exports of Argentine anchoita (Engraulis anchoita) with 8,573 tonnes worth USD 17.7 million; golden kingclip (Genypterus blacodes) with 4,851 tonnes worth USD 17 million, and Patagonian scallop (Zygochlamys patagonica) with 6,098 tonnes worth USD 32 million. More

Argentine anchoita, Engraulis anchoita Hubbs & Marini, 1935 ... Californian anchovy, Engraulis mordax Girard, 1854. Peruvian anchoveta, Engraulis ringens Jenyns, 1842 ... en.wikipedia. More

Common names

Acciuga in Italian (Italiano)
Acciuga d'Argentina in Italian (Italiano)
Anchois d'Argentine in French (français)
Anchoita in English
Anchoita in Japanese (日本語)
Anchoita in Portuguese (Português)
Anchoíta in Spanish (español)
Anchoita in Swedish (Svenska)
Anchoveta in Portuguese (Português)
Anchoveta argentina in Portuguese (Português)
Argentijnse ansjovis in Dutch (Nederlands)
Argentine anchoita in English
Argentine anchovy in English
Argentinische Sardelle in German (Deutsch)
Argentinsk ansjos in Danish (dansk)
Biqueirão argentino in Portuguese (Português)
Biqueirão-argentino in Portuguese (Português)
Enchoita in Portuguese (Português)
Enchova argentina in Portuguese (Português)
Enchoveta in Portuguese (Português)
Manjuba in Portuguese (Português)
Maromba in Portuguese (Português)
Sardel argentinská in Czech (česky)
Sardela argentynska in Polish (polski)
Sardinha-boqueirão in Portuguese (Português)
анчоус аргентинский in Russian (русский язык)
阿根廷鯷 in Mandarin Chinese
阿根廷鯷 in Unknown
阿根廷鳀 in Mandarin Chinese
阿根廷鳀 in Unknown

Order : Clupeiformes
Family : Engraulidae
Genus : Engraulis
Species : Engraulis anchoita
Authority : Hubbs & Marini, 1935