Semaprochilodus kneri

The Semaprochilodus kneri lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

Semaprochilodus kneri, was a major consumer of organic-rich sediments. Further experiments were conducted to test the hypothesis that the relative strength of bottom-up (nutrient availability) and top-down (grazer) control of organic matter in sediments varies according to species and hydrologic period. More

Semaprochilodus kneri from our exclusion experiments Cinaruco River meiofauna: Testate Amoeba Centropyxis aculeata Cinaruco River meiofauna: Testate Amoeba Lesquereusia modesta Cinaruco River meiofauna: Rotifer Trichocerca bicristata Cinaruco River meiofauna: Rotifer Lecane papuana Cinaruco River meiofauna: More

migratory algivore/detritivore Semaprochilodus kneri moves into the river during the falling water period, providing an important “spatial subsidy” to many predators in the system. Peacock bass (Cichla spp.) may move long distances to take advantage of this productive prey species. More

Semaprochilodus kneri, Hydrolycus armatus and other common fish species are found with S. manueli. Edouard Paiva sent pictures of a big Serrasalmus manueli captured in Rio Cinaruco in Apure State in Venezuela. It weighted 2.2 kilograms 4. More

Semaprochilodus kneri to Cichla by comparing condition among species, hydrologic seasons and different size-classes (based on the ability to consume S. kneri assuming gape-limitation). All three species had lowest body condition during the rising-water season (following the reproduction period). More

Common names

Bocochico del Orinoco in Spanish (español)

Order : Characiformes
Family : Prochilodontidae
Genus : Semaprochilodus
Species : Semaprochilodus kneri
Authority : Pellegrin, 1909