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Original source: : This photograph was provided by Sara Beatriz Sverlij, Professional advisor of the Directorate of Ichthyologic and Aquatic Resources, Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable Development of

The Grumat lives in the benthopelagic, potamodromous, freshwater, depth range 5 - m environment.

closure of Grumat was followed by shutting down of Pyramid. In Barentsburg, which once boasted a population of almost a thousand, the number of inhabitants has decreased now to merely three hundred. More

Common names

Carimbatá in Guarani (Avañe'ẽ)
Corimba in Portuguese (Português)
Corimbata in Portuguese (Português)
Curimbá in Portuguese (Português)
Curimbata in English
Curimbatá in Guarani (Avañe'ẽ)
Curimbatá in Portuguese (Português)
Grumatá in English
Grumatã in Portuguese (Português)
Grumatão in Portuguese (Português)
kihrihmbatá in Guarani (Avañe'ẽ)
Lamepiedras in Spanish (español)
Mbatá in Guarani (Avañe'ẽ)
Prochilode rayé in French (français)
Prochilodus lineatus in Spanish (español)
Sabalo in English
Sabalo in Spanish (español)
Sábalo jetón in Spanish (español)
Sábalo picudo in Spanish (español)
Sábalo rayado in Spanish (español)
Streaked prochilod in English
Tarpon prochilodus in English
宽体鲮脂鲤 in Mandarin Chinese
寬體鯪脂鯉 in Mandarin Chinese
普拉滕鯪脂鯉 in Mandarin Chinese
普拉滕鲮脂鲤 in Mandarin Chinese
条纹鲮脂鲤 in Mandarin Chinese
條紋鯪脂鯉 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Characiformes
Family : Prochilodontidae
Genus : Prochilodus
Species : Prochilodus lineatus
Authority : Valenciennes, 1837