Kafue pike

It is an elongate fish with a pike-like body.

The Kafue pike lives in the demersal, potamodromous, freshwater, pH range: 6.0 - 7.5, dH range: 18 environment.

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The Hepsetus odoe, also known as the African pike or Kafue pike, is a predatory fish, and the only living member of the Family Hepsetidae. More

Kafue pike characin (Hepsetus odoe) English Long-finned pike (Dinolestidae) English Mackerel pike (Cololabis saira) English Pike (Centropomus undecimalis) English Pike asp More

Kafue Pike - Kuhli Loach - Species of Fish starting with K - Information on different types of fish. Contact Bruning. More

KAFUE PIKE / PIKE CHARACIN JOHNNY JENSEN's PHOTOGRAPHIC LIBRARY Hepsetus odoe (Bloch, 1794) Family: Hepsetidae Order: Characiformes - MAX Size: 4. More

Congresox talabonoides Kafue pike Hepsetus odoe Kafue pike characin Hepsetus odoe Long-finned pike Dinolestes lewini Longsnout spikefish Halimochirurgus centriscoides Mackerel pike Cololabis saira Mackerel-pike Cololabis saira Marlin-spike Nezumia bairdii Marlin-spike grenadier Nezumia bairdii Military seapike Sphyraena qenie Northern pike Esox lucius Northern pikeminnow Ptychocheilus More

Spot Bream and Kafue Pike on the upper Zambzi and you'll fish for Tiger Fish and the giant Vundu catfish. The Lower Zambezi is also home to Three Spot Bream, Red Breasted Bream, Nile Bream, Chessa, Nkupi, Bottlenose and the Cornish Jack. More

Common names

African pike in English
Afrika-greepvis in Afrikaans
Afrikaanse greepvis in Afrikaans
Afrikanischer Hechtsalmler in German (Deutsch)
Afrikansk geddekarpelaks in Danish (dansk)
Afrikiniai durklasnukiai in Lithuanian (lietuvių kalba)
Akao in Adangme
Akao in Irish (Gaeilge)
Akao in Malagasy (Malagasy fiteny)
Akawo in Adangme
Akawo nyagbe in Adangme
Alaakpaa in Aizi
Angbagne in Adioukrou
Angbagne in Aizi
Avuwo in Ewe (Ɛʋɛgbɛ)
Basoaka in Mooré
Brochet in French (français)
Brochet africain in French (français)
Dog fish in Creole, English
Dzaru in Ewe (Ɛʋɛgbɛ)
Guineischer Lachssalmler in German (Deutsch)
Haukitetra in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Hepsetidae in Italian (Italiano)
Hepsetus odoe in Hungarian (Magyar)
Ijakere in Yoruba (Yorùbá)
K-thin in Krio
Kafue pike in English
Kafue pike characin in English
Kasangi in Lwena
Kurmisia in Kim
Kurmising in Kim
Lixe in Ewe (Ɛʋɛgbɛ)
Mibombo in Bemba
Mienguè in Other
Mukunga in Lwena
Mwɛngɛ́ in Lingala (Lingála)
Njamgbe in Krio
Nsoul in Fang
Nsoul ou nso in Fang
Omwènghè in Other
pike characid in English
Pohie in Krio
Saganci in Nupe
Sègual in Wolof (Wollof)
Usawu in Ijo
Wasserhund in German (Deutsch)
Wulugangan in Jula
Zagundumi in Hausa (‫هَوُسَ)
鱤脂鯉 in Mandarin Chinese
鳡脂鲤 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Characiformes
Family : Hepsetidae
Genus : Hepsetus
Species : Hepsetus odoe
Authority : Bloch, 1794