Giant trahira

The Giant trahira lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

the prehistoric giant trahira in Suriname with sharp canine-like teeth, fly-fished the deep-waters of Alaska for yellow eyed rockfish, and targeted alligator gar in Texas. More

Brazil's giant trahira looks like something that should be chasing Sigourney Weaver around a spaceship. This little-known fish weighs up to 50 pounds and has chompers that look like they could bite through nails. Think "nuclear walleye" and you'll have a good picture. More

Adventure Fishing For Giant Trahira In Suriname = Article Date: August 2006 Here's a brand new spot to go fishing in Latin America - Suriname. More

Giant Trahira Fish Species Information Scientific Fish Name: Hoplias macrophthalmus Other Fish Species Names: J More

lagoons and river banks, Giant Trahiras in rock structures, to Payara and Bicuda fishing in wild water. Catching a variety of as many as 12 different kind of fish is common in these waters. More

dog-fanged giant trahira in Suriname. And, in 2006, he received international media attention for his largest fish ever caught on fly, a 385-pound lemon shark caught off Key West. Herb Ratner of Greensburg, Pa. More

giant trahira (Hoplias macraphthalmus) in four minutes using “tuvira” for bait for a possible male smallfry record. Practicing conservation, both youngsters released their fish in the river after documenting and photographing. More

Common names

Aimara in English
Aimara in Portuguese (Português)
Aimara in Spanish (español)
Anjoemara in South American Indian (Other)
Anjoemara in Sranan
Giant trahira in English
Jättirosvotetra in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Stor rovtetra in Danish (dansk)
Trairão in Portuguese (Português)

Order : Characiformes
Family : Erythrinidae
Genus : Hoplias
Species : Hoplias macrophthalmus
Authority : Pellegrin, 1907