Cynodon gibbus

Cynodon gibbus Cynodon meionactis y Cynodon septenarius. La dentadura es menos aparatosa que en Hydrolycus y Rhaphiodon. More

Cynodon gibbus Rhaphiodon vulpinus La família dels cinodòntids (Cynodontidae) és constituïda per peixos actinopterigis d'aigua dolça i de l'ordre dels caraciformes. More

Cynodon gibbus - Cynodon gibbus (Agassiz, 1829) Family Distribution Max. Size pH Temp. More

00 Cynodon GibbusCynodon Gibbus Similar the Payara $70.00$70.00 Sabertooth Barracuda(Payara)Sabertooth Barracuda(Payara) Hydrolycus Shcrom $50.00$50. More

Cynodon gibbus Ortega & Vari, 1986Rhaphiodon gibbus Spix & Agassiz, 1829; (valid as) - Cynodon vulpinusSalmo tamuco Natterer, 1836; (unavailable, no features) Salmo tamuco Kner (ex Natterer), 1860; (unavailable, in passing) - More

cuvieri, Cynodon gibbus, Rhaphiodon vulpinus, and H. scomberoides. Some of them were large fishes that significantly contributed to the high biomass observed at beaches during the rising-water season. Grasses also attracted herbivorous species. More

Order : Characiformes
Family : Cynodontidae
Genus : Cynodon
Species : Cynodon gibbus
Authority : Agassiz, 1829