Acestrorhynchus lacustris

The Acestrorhynchus lacustris lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

Acestrorhynchus lacustris on Fish Mapper TSN 640365 (Taxonomic Serial Number) Retrieved on from the Integrated Taxonomic Information System online database. This is a cached copy. More

Acestrorhynchus lacustris (Lütken 1875) 89-102 scales in the lateral line; 23-26 scale rows from lateral line to origin of anal fin, 13-16 from lateral line to origin of anal fin. Acestrorhynchus maculipinna sp. n. More

Acestrorhynchus lacustris must follow the movements of these prey species, since its canine and conical teeth and prognathous mouth facilitate predation at the water surface. More

Acestrorhynchus lacustris, Hoplias aff malabaricus, Plagioscion squamosissimus, Rhaphiodon vulpinus, and Salminus brasiliensis. More

Common names

Dientón in Spanish (español)
Peixe cachorro in Creole, Portuguese
Peixe cachorro in Creoles and Pidgins, Portuguese
Peixe-cadela in Portuguese (Português)
Ueua in Creole, Portuguese
Ueua in Creoles and Pidgins, Portuguese
湖沼狼牙脂鯉 in Mandarin Chinese
湖沼狼牙脂鲤 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Characiformes
Family : Acestrorhynchidae
Genus : Acestrorhynchus
Species : Acestrorhynchus lacustris
Authority : L