Cloudy cat shark

The cloudy catshark, Scyliorhinus torazame, is a species of catshark, family Scyliorhinidae, found on the outer continental shelves and upper continental slopes of the northwestern Pacific Ocean to a depth of 320 m .

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Original source: Shin-Enoshima Aquarium(2008.8.23) - 183
Author: saname777 from Tokyo, Japan

The Cloudy cat shark lives in the demersal, marine, depth range - 100 m environment.

Cloudy Cat Shark Baby Brings Up The 100 For Helsinki Sea Life 14-08-2009 CLOUDY CAT SHARK BABY BRINGS UP THE 100 FOR HELSINKI SEA LIFE The honour has gone to an infant cloudy cat shark, a notoriously difficult species to breed More

Common names

Alitán nubarrado in Spanish (español)
Bedekte kathaai in Dutch (Nederlands)
Broget rødhaj in Danish (dansk)
Cloudy cat shark in English
cloudy catshark in English
Hu wén mao sha in Mandarin Chinese
Pating in Tagalog
Roussette nuageuse in French (français)
Scyliorhinus torazame in French (français)
Torazame in Japanese (日本語)
Tu-t'up-sang-ǒ in Korean (한국어)
虎紋貓鯊 in Mandarin Chinese
虎纹猫鲨 in Mandarin Chinese
두툽상어 in Korean (한국어)

Picture of Scyliorhinus torazame has been licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial.
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Order : Carcharhiniformes
Family : Scyliorhinidae
Genus : Scyliorhinus
Species : Scyliorhinus torazame
Authority : Tanaka, 1908