Bull huss

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bull huss, Scyliorhinus stellaris, is a species of catshark, family Scyliorhinidae, found in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean. It is generally found amongst rocks or algae at a depth of 20–60 m (66–200 ft). More

The record bull huss boat record is 22lb 4oz and the shore record is 19lb 14oz. Distribution: Primarily found around the South coast of the country with scattered populations elsewhere. More

Bull Huss - Scyliorhinus stellaris Bull-huss1.jpg Distinguishing features: A small bull huss can look at first glance like a lesser spotted dogfish and is also known as the greater spotted dogfish. More

baits to use when targeting Bull Huss and bait that is a few days past it’s best does seem to produce more Bull Huss than fresh but fresh does obviously catch it’s fair share as well. More

Bull Huss fishing in the Bristol Channel (Scyliorhinus stellaris) The Bull Huss or simply as Huss can be encountered all around the coast of Wales. More

In the bull huss the nasal flaps (a flap of skin between the nasal openings on the snout and the mouth) form two distinct lobes, whereas the lsd has a single lobe. Diet: Fees upon molluscs, crustaceans and small flatfish. More

or old tends to get the fish, however with the bull huss I have found that colour seems to attract the fish better. Good white squid baited whole or whiting will more often than not out fish mackerel. More

Bull Huss Rock Salmon Rockfish Huss is a member of the dogfish family (small sharks.) It has firm, flaky flesh with no small bones, only large ones. The flesh absorbs other flavours well. More

Colin Brett with his first Bull Huss, around 7 lbs, taken on sandeel from Rossanrubble in Co Mayo in brilliant sunshine at mid water.... More

BULL HUSS / SCYLIORBINUS STELLARIS 2 4 6.92 15.4 Baggy Point England 021284 K. More

It's the first time a bull huss shark has been born at the Tyneside attraction and the tiny baby - measuring less than 12cms in length - is doing well. More

The bull huss, or "greater spotted dogfish", is similar to its relative the lesser spotted dogfish in appearance, but is bigger, with bigger spots, and, smaller, looser nasal flaps. More

Bull Huss fishing in North Devon as well as information on where to catch Bull Huss and tips on baits and cooking Bull Huss - * Fishing Menu More

THE Bailiwick boat-caught record for bull huss has been beaten yet again. Last week it was reported that Bob Bannister had brought in a 14-15-10 fish to beat the old record of 14-5-0, but within 24 hours it was raised again when Jonathan Beck returned with a 16-5-0 specimen. More

* Bull Huss 17 lb by Unknownon Spindrift 2 (Holyhead, Isle of Anglesey) * Red Band Fish 5 oz by Paul The Power Milkinson Flamer lll (Weymouth, Dorset) * Sole (Common) More

record bull huss, which is also known as the greater spotted dogfish. Schoones’ timing as regards the capture of the huss was a little unfortunate. More

Conger and Bull Huss Trace on Heavy Mono Conger and Bull Huss Trace on Heavy Mono = * NOW: £1. More

a double-figure bull huss was netted aboard. So far so good, but after an hour of huss and a couple of bits and pieces the skipper decided to move to find the tope. More

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Order : Carcharhiniformes
Family : Scyliorhinidae
Genus : Scyliorhinus
Species : Scyliorhinus besnardi
Authority : Linnaeus, 1758