Blacktipped shark

The graceful shark, Carcharhinus amblyrhynchoides, is a requiem shark of the family Carcharhinidae, found in the Indo-Pacific oceans between latitudes 21° N and 25° S, from the surface to 50 m.

Blacktipped shark; Great blacktip shark; Long-nose grey shark; Large blacktip shark; Spinner shark 瀕危狀態 IUCN 瀕危狀態:Lower Risk/near threatened 形態特徵 體呈紡錘型。頭寬扁。尾基上下各具一凹窪。吻平直而中常。眼圓,瞬膜發達。前鼻瓣不明顯;無口鼻溝或觸鬚。口裂弧形,口閉時上下頜緊合,不露齒;上下頜齒較小,皆窄而直立,上頜齒具細鋸齒,下頜齒邊緣光滑。噴水孔缺如。背鰭2個,背鰭間無隆脊,第一背鰭中大,起點稍後於胸鰭內角,後緣深凹,下角尖突;第二背鰭小,起點稍後於臀鰭起點,後緣微凹,後角尖突;胸鰭大型,鐮刀形,後緣深凹,外角鈍圓,內角圓形,鰭端伸達第一背鰭基底後端;尾鰭寬長,尾椎軸上揚,下葉前部顯著三角形突出,中部低平延長,與後部間有一深缺刻,後部小三角形突出,尾端圓鈍。體背側灰褐色,腹側灰白;體側具一不顯之白色縱帶;幼魚時各鰭淡色,隨著成長,各鰭或多或少具有黑色鰭尖。 棲所生態 棲息於大陸棚或島嶼斜坡緣的沿海或近海大型鯊類,通常棲息在淺海0-30公尺處。具有洄游習性。性喜群游,常於水表層巡游而露出背鰭。主要以硬骨魚類、頭足類、小型鯊魚等為食。胎生,一胎可產下6-15尾幼鯊,剛出生之幼鯊體長可達60-75公分。 More

of the wall edge when this blacktipped shark came cruising along. The green turtle under water is a study in grace and elegance. An occasional casual sweep of his front legs easily outdistanced our best efforts. More

of the wall when this four-foot blacktipped shark came cruising down the edge of the wall. He was magnificently sleek and streamlined. You couldn't see any movement of his body as he moved through the water. He moved to within about 12 feet of us. More

aka blacktipped shark, great blacktip shark, large blacktip shark, long-nose grey shark, is a large shark with a slender body, long, pointed snout and small eyes. More

English - Blacktipped shark (Guyana); Great blacktip shark (United States of America); Large blacktip shark (Cuba, United States of America); Long-nose grey shark (Australia); Shark (United States of America); Spinner shark (Djibouti, Micronesia (Federated States of), Papua New Guinea, South Africa, United Kingdom, United More

blacktipped sharks cruising just behind the dinghy, which was parked in the only bit of beach on Ilot Mato. They were not too big – ranging from 3 – 5 feet – but big enough that walking into the water to launch the dinghy seemed unwise. More

fishermen and Blacktipped sharks were landed on cast baits. Driving was soft in Big Shell but manageable and no fresh dead fish were observed. More

spinner shark, blacktipped shark, great blacktip shark, large blacktip shark, long-nose grey shark, and shark. More

whaler, common blacktip shark, or small blacktipped shark, this shark reaches just over 8 feet in length; the all-tackle world record is a 270-pound, 9-ounce fish taken off Kenya in 1995. More

Blacktipped Shark, Great Blacktip Shark, Inkytail Shark, Large Blacktip Shark, Long-Nose Grey Shark, Longnose Grey Shark, Shark, Smoothfang Shark, Spinner Shark Common Names in Fon: Ehoua Common Names in Fon GBE: More

Order : Carcharhiniformes
Family : Carcharhinidae
Genus : Carcharhinus
Species : Carcharhinus amblyrhynchoides
Authority : M