Lizard fish

The Indian lizardfish which is also known as Synodus indicus is a type of lizardfish or Synodontidae that lives mainly in the Indo-West Pacific.

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I also managed to land a number of lizard fish on my lures. These fish are not considered a game fish and serve only to keep the fish I really wanted from getting to my baits. More

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The Lizard fish is found both Inshore & Offshore but both are different species. The Offshore variety being much smaller. They are distributed throughout Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean. The Inshore Lizard fish is coastal. More

when he caught an 11-oz lizard fish in 3 or 4 feet of water on November 5, 1995. More

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The Lizard fish is a smaller predator fish that lives in the depths of the water. They are found throughout the world. More

The common names lizard fish and gecko fish are very descriptive of this fish. Its textured scales, camouflage capabilities, stealthy, stalking actions and articulated neck that can pivot 45 degrees, all are reminicent of geckos and other lizards. More

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Order : Aulopiformes
Family : Synodontidae
Genus : Synodus
Species : Synodus indicus
Authority : Day, 1873